Chapter 8

Policy Academy: Setting Your Shop’s Policies


Bullet Reviewing general policy tips

Bullet Setting up your shop policies

Bullet Adding seller details for EU compliance

Bullet Creating an FAQ

Rules. Who needs ’em? Well, you do. Or to be more precise, your Etsy shop does. As you set up your Etsy shop, it’s critical that you lay some ground rules for buyers. That means establishing clear store policies, especially with respect to shipping, returns and exchanges, cancellations, and privacy. That way, your customers know what to expect if they buy from you, and they’ll feel more confident and at ease. Setting clear policies also enables you to head off problems down the road.

Etsy offers several options to help you configure and communicate your policies. It also offers a few “fixed” policies. These apply to everyone’s shop and cannot be changed. You access these from the Policy Settings page in the Shop Manager. After you set your policies, they appear on your shop’s main page in the Shop Policies section, in each of your listings, and in emails sent to buyers when they make a purchase. ...

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