Chapter 17. Promoting Your App with Paid Advertising

In This Chapter

  • Finding advertising opportunities within your application niche

  • Researching the most powerful keywords to use in your paid strategy

  • Testing different advertising campaigns

  • Setting up your Google AdWords campaigns

  • Creating and distributing banner advertisements for your app

With tens of thousands of different applications competing for iPhone owners' attention, it's important to use as many different opportunities as possible to gain attention for your app, especially if you're selling a paid application to earn money. Paid advertising (whether you're a fan or a critic) is still a viable, powerful way to gain attention and earn sales (or downloads) for your app today, and there are lots of types to choose from. The benefit of using forms of electronic paid advertising is that you have access to incredible tracking capabilities that tell you the effectiveness of a given ad campaign.

In the old days, you could run a 30-second spot on TV, put up a billboard by the freeway, or take out a full-page ad in a newspaper, and not really know how many sales were obtained from that ad effort. Today, you can run a keyword or banner ad campaign and know within hours your return on investment and test out multiple campaigns at the same time without the general public realizing it. You can also draw on a wealth of information online that can make your targeting more precise and, therefore, more effective. After all, why put an ad in front ...

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