The Fifth Meeting: Straight Talk

One week later Rafa arrived at Cynthia’s office promptly at 3 P.M. with two large lattes in hand, a peace offering. Cynthia’s face lit up when she saw the coffee. “Good timing,” she said. “I mean the coffee. It’s just what I needed.”

Rafa sat in his usual seat and powered up his tablet.

“Thanks for sending your goals so I could review them before the meeting,” Cynthia said, reaching for a chocolate to go with her latte. “That will help us to get the most out of this hour.”

“Sure, no problem. Did you get a chance to look at my agenda for today?”

“I did. And I’m glad you started to put in the ‘Catching Up’ as a formal item. I think it’s important, especially for this meeting. There are some things we definitely ...

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