Chapter 3. Style Templates


  • 3.1 ODS Styles 116

  • 3.2 ODS Style Modification 126

  • 3.3 Colors and Groups 140

  • 3.4 An All-Color Style 145

  • 3.5 An Ad Hoc Style Modification for Groups 146

  • 3.6 Color Changes in a Survival Plot 148

  • 3.7 Direct Style Modifications 149

  • 3.8 References 152

ODS styles control the colors and general appearance of all graphs and tables. Styles are composed of style elements that control specific aspects of graphs (for example, the font of a title, the color of a reference line, the style of a regression fit line, and so on). Graphs are constructed from three sources: a data object (in the case of an analytical procedure) or a SAS data set (in the case of PROC SGRENDER or an SG procedure), a graph template, and a style template. The ...

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