Appendix 9.1 Using Minitab for Simple Linear Regression

Scatter Plot

To produce the scatter plot of cubic feet and labor hours, open the MOVING.MTW worksheet. Select GraphScatterplot.

  1. In the Scatterplots dialog box (see Figure A9.1), select Simple. (To generate a scatter plot with a line of regression, select With Regression.) Click the OK button.

    Figure A9.1. Minitab Scatterplots Dialog Box

  2. In the Scatterplot—Simple dialog box (see Figure A9.2), enter ‘Labor Hours’ or C1 in the Y variables: edit box in row 1. Enter ‘Cubic Feet’ or C3 in the X variables: edit box in row 1. Click the OK button.

    Figure A9.2. Minitab Scatterplot—Simple Dialog ...

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