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Stealing the Network: The Complete Series Collector's Edition, Final Chapter, and DVD

Book Description

"Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box is a unique book in the fiction department. It combines stories that are fictional, with technology that is real. While none of the stories have happened, there is no reason why they could not. You could argue it provides a road map for criminal hackers, but I say it does something else: it provides a glimpse into the creative minds of some of today’s best hackers, and even the best hackers will tell you that the game is a mental one." – from the Foreword to the first Stealing the Network book, How to Own the Box, Jeff Moss, Founder & Director, Black Hat, Inc. and Founder of DEFCON

For the very first time the complete Stealing the Network epic is available in an enormous, over 1000 page volume complete with the final chapter of the saga and a DVD filled with behind the scenes video footage!

These groundbreaking books created a fictional world of hacker superheroes and villains based on real world technology, tools, and tactics. It is almost as if the authors peered into the future as many of the techniques and scenarios in these books have come to pass.

This book contains all of the material from each of the four books in the Stealing the Network series.

All of the stories and tech from:

  • How to Own the Box
  • How to Own a Continent
  • How to Own an Identity
  • How to Own a Shadow


  • Finally - find out how the story ends! The final chapter is here!
  • A DVD full of behind the scenes stories and insider info about the making of these cult classics!

* Now for the first time the entire series is one 1000+ page book
* The DVD contains 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage
* Readers will finally learn the fate of "Knuth" in the much anticipated Final Chapter

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. Author Biographies
    1. Authors and Technical Editors
    2. Contributing Authors
  4. I. How to Own the Box
    1. 1. Hide and Sneak
      1. Tools
      2. The Scan
      3. Stupid Cisco Tricks
      4. The Computer is the Computer, Mr. Mcnealy
      5. The Web, the Web ... It’s Always the Web
      6. Kiss, or Keep it Simple, Stupid
      7. The Jackpot
        1. Access to Microsoft Terminal Server
      8. With Customers Like Me...
    2. 2. The Worm Turns
      1. Mr. Worm
      2. You Can Get it if You Really Want
      3. No Life ’Til Leather
      4. It’s Pouring, it’s Raining
      5. I Live My Life Like There’s No Tomorrow
      6. It’s Like Broken Glass; You Get Cut Before You See It
      7. If You Like to Gamble
      8. Mumble, Mumble, Mumble
    3. 3. Just Another Day at the Office
      1. Setup
      2. Welcoming Committee
      3. Low-Hanging Fruit
      4. In the Palm of My Hand
      5. Feeling Good in the Network Neighborhood
      6. What’s that Smell?
      7. Working from Home
      8. Diner
      9. The Only Way Out
      10. Epilogue
      11. References
        1. In the Palm of My Hand
        2. Feeling Good in the Network Neighborhood
        3. What’s that Smell?
        4. Working from Home
        5. The Only Way Out
    4. 4. h3X’s Adventures in Networkland
      1. Halfway Around the Globe at Bszh.Edu
      2. Exploring the Prey
      3. D-Day
      4. Trainees First
      5. Secret Service(s)
      6. Discovery
      7. The Girl is Back in the House
      8. Aftermath
    5. 5. The Thief No One Saw
      1. The Tip-Off
      2. Studying the Prey
      3. The DNS Giveaway
      4. Time to Get My Hands Dirty
      5. Getting Inside the VPN
      6. Finding the Software
      7. Looking Around
      8. Conclusion
    6. 6. Flying the Friendly Skies
      1. References
    7. 7. dis-card
      1. O-Days
      2. Reverse-Engineering People
      3. Information
        1. Scenario 1
        2. Scenario 2
        3. Scenario 3
    8. 8. Social (In)Security
      1. Recon
      2. What Does Google Pull Up?
      3. NSI Lookup
      4. Sam Spade
      5. Internet Phone Directories
      6. E-Mail Bouncing, Return Receipts, and Out-of-Office Replies
        1. Return Receipts
        2. Out-of-Office Replies
      7. Jacques Cousteau and 20,000 Leagues in the Dumpster
      8. Fun With Human Resources
        1. Switching to Plan B
      9. Plan C: The Displaced Employee
      10. Shoulder Surfing
      11. Success, or You Can Teach an Old Badge New Tricks
      12. Business as Usual?
    9. 9. BabelNet
      1. Hello Navi
      2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
      3. Polyglot
      4. When Good Packets Go Bad
      5. Authorspeak: Paketto Borne
      6. And they Say We’re Social Creatures
      7. Knock, Knock
      8. Who’s There?
      9. Scanrand
      10. Scanrand Who?
      11. Scanrand U
      12. Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Hackery
    10. 10. The Art of Tracking
      1. Tuesday
      2. Wednesday
      3. Thursday
      4. Friday
      5. Monday
    11. Appendix: The Laws of Security
      1. Introduction
      2. Knowing the Laws of Security
      3. Client-Side Security Doesn’t Work
      4. You Cannot Securely Exchange Encryption Keys Without a Shared Piece of Information
      5. Malicious Code Cannot Be 100 Percent Protected Against
      6. Any Malicious Code Can be Completely Morphed to Bypass Signature Detection
      7. Firewalls Cannot Protect You 100 Percent from Attack
        1. Social Engineering
        2. Attacking Exposed Servers
        3. Attacking the Firewall Directly
        4. Client-Side Holes
      8. Any IDS Can Be Evaded
      9. Secret Cryptographic Algorithms are Not Secure
      10. If a Key is Not Required, You Do Not Have Encryption —You Have Encoding
      11. Passwords Cannot Be Securely Stored on the Client Unless There Is Another Password to Protect Them
      12. In Order for a System to Begin to Be Considered Secure, It Must Undergo an Independent Security Audit
      13. Security Through Obscurity Does Not Work
      14. Summary
      15. Solutions Fast Track
        1. Knowing the Laws of Security
        2. Client-Side Security Doesn’t Work
        3. You Cannot Securely Exchange Encryption Keys without a Shared Piece of Information
        4. Malicious Code Cannot Be 100 Percent Protected against
        5. Any Malicious Code Can Be Completely Morphed to Bypass Signature Detection
        6. Firewalls Cannot Protect You 100 Percent from Attack
        7. Any IDS Can Be Evaded
        8. Secret Cryptographic Algorithms Are Not Secure
        9. If a Key is Not Required, You Do Not Have Encryption—You Have Encoding
        10. Passwords Cannot Be Securely Stored on the Client Unless There is Another Password to Protect Them
        11. In Order for a System to Begin to Be Considered Secure, It Must Undergo an Independent Security Audit
        12. Security through Obscurity Does Not Work
      16. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. II. How to Own a Continent
    1. 11. Control Yourself
      1. Alone
      2. Discipline
      3. Shelter
      4. Just Because You’re Paranoid...
      5. Day Minus 300
      6. Day Minus 200
      7. Day Minus 100
      8. Day Minus 50
      9. The Beginning... The Man Appears
    2. 12. The Lagos Creeper Box
      1. Laura19
      2. NOC NOC, Who’s There?
      3. Doing the Meat Thing
      4. Aftermath... The Last Diary Entry of Demetri Fernandez
    3. 13. Product of Fate: The Evolution of a Hacker
      1. Interest Piqued: The Fire is Started
      2. What?! You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!
      3. You Want Me to do What?!
      4. It Was Only Harmless Fun...
      5. Reaping the Rewards: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
      6. Money—The Root of All Evil
      7. Innocence Lured
      8. Spreading the Net Wide
      9. Making Plans
      10. Plans Become Actions
      11. Breaking the Code
      12. Choosing the Equipment
      13. Working with Friends
      14. Stepping Way Over the Line
      15. Aftermath... Report of an Audit
    4. 14. A Real Gullible Genius
      1. Day 1: Thoughts and Recon
        1. Self-Signed Certificates—Certifying the Man in the Middle
        2. Computer Lab Recon
        3. Preparing the Plant—There’s No Offense without a Good Defense
      2. Day 2: Deploying the Rogue
      3. Day 3: Accessing the Network
        1. Man in the Middle in a Switched Environment—Exploiting the Self-Signed Cert
        2. Creative Use of an iPod when There’s No Time for Class
          1. Old School Account Theft on a New Operating System
          2. “We’re Sorry—The Security Hole is Fixed Only in the Next Version”
      4. Day 4: Busting Root on the Apple
        1. Researching the Password Crack
        2. Time to Crack Some Passwords
      5. Day 5: Over 20,000 Social Security Numbers
        1. At a Nearby Helpdesk
        2. Modifying the Application
      6. Flir’s Late Night
      7. Later that Morning...
      8. Retracting the Tendrils
      9. Epilogue
      10. Endnotes
      11. Aftermath... Security—A People Problem
    5. 15. For Whom Ma Bell Tolls
      1. The Call
      2. Maxim’s
      3. Shall We Play a Game?
      4. The Booty
      5. The Switch
      6. The Drop
      7. The Marketplace
      8. Landline
      9. Keys to the Kingdom
      10. Inside the Golden Pyramid
      11. Wiretap
      12. Aftermath
      13. Aftermath... The Investigation
    6. 16. Return on Investment
      1. Playing the Market
      2. Information Leakage at the Packet Level
      3. Corrupted By Greed
      4. Revenge of the Nerd
      5. A Lead from Las Vegas
      6. The Call of Opportunity
      7. Initial Reconnaissance
      8. Shrax: The Ultimate Rootkit
      9. Throwaway Account
      10. Seeking the Prize
      11. Hacking .Mil
      12. Triumph and New Toys
      13. Endnotes
      14. Aftermath... The Investigation Continues
    7. 17. h3X and The Big Picture
      1. Exceptional Circumstances
      2. Evolution and Lack Thereof
      3. Hypertext Target Protocol
      4. Setup.Exe
      5. Hard Work
      6. Working on Weekends
      7. R&D
      8. Don’t Like Mondays
      9. Aftermath... The Knuth Perspective
    8. 18. The Story of Dex
      1. A New Day—A New Dollar
      2. The Hunt
      3. And So it Begins
      4. The Real Fun Begins
      5. Friday, Right on Time
      6. The Setup
      7. Drugs, Sex, and Dirty Money
      8. Ralph Bechie
      9. Robert Montague
      10. Niklas Flesicher
      11. Reality Comes Back
      12. Aftermath... The Watchers
    9. 19. Automatic Terror Machine
      1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
      2. The Games Begin
      3. An Army of One
      4. Let’s Get Physical
      5. Of Greed and Girls
      6. A Worm by Any Other Name
      7. Human After All
    10. 20. Get Out Quick
      1. 0-DAY
      2. Day Plus 1
      3. Time Zone Unknown
  6. III. How to Own an Identity
    1. I. Evasion
    2. Prologue: From the Diary of Robert Knoll, Senior
    3. 21. In the Beginning...
    4. 22. Sins of the Father
      1. The Interview
      2. The Post Office
      3. The Key
      4. The Spreadsheet
      5. Codewheels
      6. The Restrooom
      7. The Address
    5. 23. Saul on the Run
      1. It had to be Done
      2. The Investigation Begins
      3. Tipped Off
      4. Hitting the Road
      5. A Meeting
      6. Plans in Motion
      7. A Little Recon
      8. You Look like a New Man
      9. I Love it When a Plan Comes Together
      10. Gathering the Required Information
      11. Gathering Information
      12. Saul Reborn
    6. 24. The Seventh Wave
    7. 25. Bl@ckTo\/\/3r
    8. 26. The Java Script Café
    9. 27. Death by a Thousand Cuts
    10. 28. A Really Gullible Genius Makes Amends
      1. Stymied by SSL
      2. Redirection
      3. A Coding Breakthrough
      4. Calling Laslo
      5. Credit Card Creation without Authentication
      6. Redirecting Mail
      7. Man-in-the-Middle: Hushmail.com
      8. Real-Time Perception Control
      9. Double Crossed?
    11. 29. Near Miss
      1. Agent Summers
      2. The Race
      3. Closer to Knuth
    12. 30. There’s Something Else
    13. 31. Epilogue—The Chase
    14. II. Behind the Scenes
    15. 32. The Conversation
      1. Problem One: Access and Movement of the Loot
      2. Problem Two: Account Setup
      3. Problem Three: Account Recon
      4. Problem Four: Getting Your Hands on the Money
      5. Problem Five: Everyone is After You
      6. Problem Six: Living it up, Big Style
      7. Problem Seven: Do You Have What it Takes?
    16. 33. Social Insecurity
  7. IV. How to Own a Shadow
    1. 34. Travel Plans
      1. From the Diary of Robert Knoll, Senior
    2. 35. Back in the Saddle
    3. 36. Old Man and a Ghost
    4. 37. Rootkit
      1. From the Diary of Robert Knoll, Senior
    5. 38. Paul
      1. Blue Paint, Dark Skies
      2. Rubber Bouncing Swords
      3. A Hacker in the Making
    6. 39. The Birth of Pawn
      1. Showing off for Rafa
      2. The Post Challenge
      3. “C” is for Cookie
    7. 40. Dishonorable Discharge
      1. A ‘Blah’ Sort of Day
      2. Just Another Random Encounter
      3. Damsel in Distress
      4. You’re Not Just a Customer
      5. First Contact
      6. I’ve Got an Rfidea...
      7. Testing the Shark-Infested Waters
      8. I’ve Got Good News and Bad News
    8. 41. McGaylver
    9. 42. The Final Chapter