Stealing the Network: The Complete Series Collector's Edition, Final Chapter, and DVD

Book description

"Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box is a unique book in the fiction department. It combines stories that are fictional, with technology that is real. While none of the stories have happened, there is no reason why they could not. You could argue it provides a road map for criminal hackers, but I say it does something else: it provides a glimpse into the creative minds of some of today’s best hackers, and even the best hackers will tell you that the game is a mental one." – from the Foreword to the first Stealing the Network book, How to Own the Box, Jeff Moss, Founder & Director, Black Hat, Inc. and Founder of DEFCON

For the very first time the complete Stealing the Network epic is available in an enormous, over 1000 page volume complete with the final chapter of the saga and a DVD filled with behind the scenes video footage!

These groundbreaking books created a fictional world of hacker superheroes and villains based on real world technology, tools, and tactics. It is almost as if the authors peered into the future as many of the techniques and scenarios in these books have come to pass.

This book contains all of the material from each of the four books in the Stealing the Network series.

All of the stories and tech from:

  • How to Own the Box
  • How to Own a Continent
  • How to Own an Identity
  • How to Own a Shadow


  • Finally - find out how the story ends! The final chapter is here!
  • A DVD full of behind the scenes stories and insider info about the making of these cult classics!
  • Now for the first time the entire series is one 1000+ page book
  • The DVD contains 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage
  • Readers will finally learn the fate of "Knuth" in the much anticipated Final Chapter

Table of contents

  1. Cover Image
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Copyright
  4. Author Biographies
  5. Foreword
  6. Foreword
  7. Foreword
  8. Foreword
  9. Chapter 1. Hide and Sneak
  10. Chapter 2. The Worm Turns
  11. Chapter 3. Just Another Day at the Office
  12. Chapter 4. h3X's Adventures in Networkland
  13. Chapter 5. The Thief No One Saw
  14. Chapter 6. Flying the Friendly Skies
  15. Chapter 7. dis-card
  16. Chapter 8. Social (In)Security
  17. Chapter 9. BabelNet
  18. Chapter 10. The Art of Tracking
  19. Chapter 11. Control Yourself
  20. Chapter 12. The Lagos Creeper Box
  21. Chapter 13. Product of Fate
  22. Chapter 14. A Real Gullible Genius
  23. Chapter 15. For Whom Ma Bell Tolls
  24. Chapter 16. Return on Investment
  25. Chapter 17. h3X and The Big Picture
  26. Chapter 18. The Story of Dex
  27. Chapter 19. Automatic Terror Machine
  28. Chapter 20. Get Out Quick
  29. Prologue. From the Diary of Robert Knoll, Senior
  30. Chapter 21. In the Beginning…
  31. Chapter 22. Sins of the Father
  32. Chapter 23. Saul on the Run
  33. Chapter 24. The Seventh Wave
  34. Chapter 25. Bl@ckTo\/\/3r
  35. Chapter 26. The Java Script Café
  36. Chapter 27. Death by a Thousand Cuts
  37. Chapter 28. A Really Gullible Genius Makes Amends
  38. Chapter 29. Near Miss
  39. Chapter 30. There's Something Else
  40. Chapter 31. Epilogue—The Chase
  41. Chapter 32. The Conversation
  42. Chapter 33. Social Insecurity
  43. Chapter 34. Travel Plans
  44. Chapter 35. Back in the Saddle
  45. Chapter 36. Old Man and a Ghost
  46. Chapter 37. Rootkit
  47. Chapter 38. Paul
  48. Chapter 39. The Birth of Pawn
  49. Chapter 40. Dishonorable Discharge
  50. Chapter 41. McGaylver
  51. Chapter 42. The Final Chapter
  52. Appendix. The Laws of Security

Product information

  • Title: Stealing the Network: The Complete Series Collector's Edition, Final Chapter, and DVD
  • Author(s): Johnny Long, Ryan Russell, Timothy Mullen
  • Release date: April 2009
  • Publisher(s): Syngress
  • ISBN: 9780080949208