Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts

Book description

Unleash Your Inner Mechanical Mastermind

Welcome to the wondrous world of Thomas Willeford, aka Lord Archibald "Feathers" Featherstone, in which he shares his closely guarded secrets of Steampunkery. Filled with do-it-yourself projects, Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts shows you how to build exquisite, ingenious contraptions on a budget.

Learn from Lord Featherstone as he distills his wealth of hard-learned skills, describes how to use the readily available tools of the modern mad scientist, and expounds on the art and philosophy of scavenging unique components and raw materials. The perfect companion for the hobbyist and advanced machinist alike, this inventive volume will guide you through the creation of your very own infernal devices.

Get steamed with these provocative projects:

  • Aetheric ray deflector solid brass goggles
  • Calibrated indicator gauges
  • Ferromagnetic self-scribing automated encyclopedia (or, the Steampunk book drive)
  • High voltage electro-static cannon (or, the lamp gun)
  • Tesla-pod chrono-static insulating field generator (or, the mobile device enclosure)
  • Altitude mask with integrated respiratory augmentation
  • Armoured pith helmet
  • Mark I superior replacement arm with integrated Gatling gun attachment

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright page
  4. Contents
  5. A Letter of Introduction from a Noted Worthy by Kaja Foglio, Girl Genius
  6. Muses and Mercenaries
  7. In a Secret Lab Somewhere…
  8. Part the First Full Steam Ahead
    1. Chapter 1: What Is Steampunk?
      1. What Steampunk Is
      2. What Steampunk Is Not (“Cog on a Stick”)
    2. Chapter 2: Tools of the Modern Mad Scientist
      1. Must-Have Tools
      2. Optional but Recommended Tools
      3. Ridiculous Tools
      4. Finding Tools
    3. Chapter 3: The Art and Philosophy of Scavenging
      1. Antique and Flea Market Finds
      2. Finding Parts and Supplies That Are Not Antique
      3. Knowing What to Get
      4. Have Fun
    4. Chapter 4: Gear Mining—Or, How to Dissect a Cuckoo
      1. Project Description
      2. Dissection and Autopsy
  9. Part the Second Getting Steamed: Projects for Makers, Modders, and Assemblagers
    1. Chapter 5: Aetheric Ray Deflector Solid Brass Goggles
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Trace the Pattern onto the Slip Coupling
      4. Stage 2: Drill the Vent and Rivet Holes
      5. Stage 3: Cut and Shape the Oculars
      6. Stage 4: Paint the Insides of Your Oculars
      7. Stage 5: Cut and Stitch the Gaskets for Your Oculars
      8. Stage 6: Attach the Gaskets to the Oculars
      9. Stage 7: Attach the Nose Bridge
      10. Stage 8: Attach the Head Strap
      11. Stage 9: Add the Lenses (Finally)
    2. Chapter 6: Calibrated Indicator Gauges
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Construct the Housing and Mount
      4. Stage 2: Measure, Make, and Install the Gauge Face
      5. Stage 3: Enclose the Gauge Face Within the Housing
      6. Stage 4: Clear the Front Cover
      7. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 7: Professor Grimmelore’s Ferromagnetic Self-Scribing Automated Encyclopedia (or, The Steampunk Book Drive)
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Create a Wooden Hard Drive Stand-in
      4. Stage 2: Select Your Book
      5. Stage 3: Change Your Book into a Block
      6. Stage 4: From Block to Box
      7. Stage 5: Create the Bottom of the Box
      8. Stage 6: Add the Book Clasp and Furniture
      9. Stage 7: Add Access Ports
    4. Chapter 8: Dr Visbaun’s High Voltage Electro-Static Hand Cannon (or, The Lamp Gun)
      1. Project Description
      2. What You Will Need
      3. Stage 1: Select Your Primary Material (Lamp)
      4. Stage 2: Disassemble Your Lamp (or Whatever)
      5. Stage 3: Get It Together
      6. Stage 4: Make It Wow
      7. Stage 5: Install the Crank Assembly
      8. Stage 6: Add the Sighting or Targeting Mechanism
      9. Stage 7: Add Finishes
      10. Stage 8: “Electricification”
      11. Stage 9: Add Ornamentation and Adornment
      12. Stage 10: Finish It Up
    5. Chapter 9: Tesla-pod Chrono-Static Insulating Field Generator (or, The Mobile Device Enclosure)
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Take Apart and Clean Out the Case
      4. Stage 2: Cut Out the Display Portal
      5. Stage 3: Make the Leather Front Covering
      6. Stage 4: Add the Bezel
      7. Stage 5: Install Mounting Hardware
      8. Stage 6: Add More Ornament: The Terminals
      9. Stage 7: Reassemble the Case
      10. Stage 8: Add a Hasp to the Back Door Panel
      11. Stage 9: Add Adornment and Ornamentation
      12. Stage 10: Add Rivets Around the Edges
      13. Stage 11: Attach Hanging Hardware (Optional)
    6. Chapter 10: Altitude Mask with Integrated Respiratory Augmentation as Issued to HM Royal Aeronautical Corps
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Create Your Pattern
      4. Stage 2: Cut Out Your Mask
      5. Stage 3: Add Breathing Slots
      6. Stage 4: Dye the Leather
      7. Stage 5: Assemble the Mask
      8. Stage 6: Create a Nasal Liner
      9. Stage 7: Add the Straps
      10. Stage 8: Add Ornament
    7. Chapter 11: Voortman’s Armoured Pith Helmet, from London’s
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Paint the Helmet
      4. Stage 2: Add Vertical Reinforcement Straps
      5. Stage 3: Add Horizontal Reinforcement Straps
      6. Stage 4: Mount a Cannon and Other Ornaments
    8. Chapter 12: Professor Grimmelore’s Mark I Superior Replacement Arm with Integrated Gatling Gun Attachment
      1. Project Description
      2. What You’ll Need
      3. Stage 1: Start with the Shoulder
      4. Stage 2: Create the Upper Arm
      5. Stage 3: Attach the Upper Arm to the Shoulder Boiler
      6. Stage 4: Build the Gatling Fist
      7. Stage 5: Add the Forearm
      8. Stage 6: Make the Boiler Stack
      9. Stage 7: Add Primer to Your Arm
      10. Stage 8: Paint Your Arm
      11. Stage 9: Reassemble the Hand and Gatling Fist
      12. Stage 10: Reassemble the Forearm and Wrist
      13. Stage 11: Reattach the Upper Arm to the Shoulder Boiler
      14. Stage 12: Create the Elbow Hinge
      15. Stage 13: Add the Edging and Lining
      16. Stage 14: Add Straps
      17. Stage 15: Add Details
      18. Stage 16: Assemble the Arm
  10. Part the Third Hastily Scribbled Laboratory Notes
    1. Appendix A: This Way Lies Madness
      1. Further Reading
      2. Viewing
      3. Gaming
    2. Appendix B: Dramatis Personae
    3. Appendix C: For the Brilliant but Mathematically Challenged Mad Scientist
      1. Metric to US Conversions (Length)
      2. US to Metric Conversions (Length)
      3. Conversion Chart: Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter
  11. Final Thoughts
  12. Patterns from Chapter 5
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts
  • Author(s): Thomas Willeford
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education TAB
  • ISBN: 9780071762373