Chapter 9Tesla-pod Chrono-Static Insulating Field Generator (or, The Mobile Device Enclosure)

“I can’t believe we are trapped here. We won’t even be born for another 120 years,” said Major Smythe with a hint of panic in his voice.

“We must get out of this room. According to the book, this building will be destroyed in an unexplained explosion this afternoon,” said Professor Grimmelore, ignoring the Major’s look of distress.

“Leave this room? We can’t do that!” interjected Ms. Grayson. “We have traveled back in time. Any interaction with this time’s denizens could change everything. We are doomed! There is no…”

“Get hold of yourself, madam,” commanded the Professor, interrupting Ms. Grayson’s slip toward madness that comes with dealing with chrono-dymamics. ...

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