Input File and SAS Data Set for Examples

The examples in this section use one input file and one SAS data set. For a complete listing of the input data, see The YEAR_SALES Data Set. The input file contains the enrollment and exam grades for an introductory chemistry course. The 50 students enrolled in the course attend several lectures, and a discussion section one day a week. The input file has the following structure:
Abdallah       F Mon  46 Anderson       M Wed  75
Aziz           F Wed  67 Bayer          M Wed  77
Bhatt          M Fri  79 Blair          F Fri  70
Bledsoe        F Mon  63 Boone          M Wed  58
Burke          F Mon  63 Chung          M Wed  85
Cohen          F Fri  89 Drew           F Mon  49
Dubos          M Mon  41 Elliott        F Wed  85
…more data lines… Simonson M Wed 62 Smith N M Wed 71 Smith R M Mon 79 Sullivan M Fri 77 Swift M Wed 63 Wolfson ...

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