Stewardship, 2nd Edition

Book description

NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Stewardship was provocative, even revolutionary, when it was first published in 1993, and it remains every bit as relevant and radical today. Most organizations still rely on patriarchy and hierarchy as their core form of governance, stifling initiative and spirit and alienating people from the work they do. Peter Block asserts that a fundamental shift in how we distribute power, privilege, and the control of money can transform every part of an organization for the better, and he examines the nitty-gritty of implementing these reforms. This revised and expanded edition includes a new introduction by Block addressing what has and hasn’t changed since the first edition and a new chapter on applying stewardship to the common good of the wider community. This visionary yet pragmatic book is sure to open your mind and change the way you do your job forever.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Welcome
    1. Stewardship
    2. Service
  8. Introduction to the Second Edition What Has Changed?
    1. It’s a Digital World
    2. What Is Good for Business Is Good for the World
    3. Side Effects
    4. Goods We Can Build Upon
  9. Part I: Trading Your Kingdom for a Horse
    1. One: Replacing Leadership with Stewardship
      1. Something More Is Required
      2. The Essence of Stewardship
      3. Choosing Partners
      4. Choosing Empowerment
      5. Choosing Service
      6. We Don’t Act on What We Know
      7. The Leadership Question
      8. The Underbelly of Leadership
      9. The Stewardship Answer
      10. Three Organizational Challenges
    2. Two: Choosing Partnership over Patriarchy
      1. Creating Order
      2. Distributing Ownership and Responsibility
      3. Partnership as the Alternative
      4. Balancing Power
      5. Four Requirements of Partnership
    3. Three: Choosing Adventure over Safety
      1. The Wish for Safety
      2. Entitlement Is Empowerment Run Aground
      3. Choosing Empowerment
      4. Stewardship Begins at Home
    4. Four: Choosing Service over Self-Interest
      1. A Model of Stewardship
      2. Teaching Revolution to the Ruling Class
      3. The Realm of Management
      4. Rank without Privilege
      5. Connecting the Heart and the Wallet
      6. The Point
  10. Part II: The Redistribution of Power, Purpose, and Wealth
    1. A Case Study: Sometime Later in the Week
      1. The Need
      2. The Players
      3. The Squeeze
      4. The Crisis
      5. The Test
      6. Possible Solutions
    2. Five: Defining the Stewardship Contract
      1. Principles for the Practice
      2. The Stewardship Contract
      3. Life in the Balance
    3. Six: Upsetting Expectations The Emotional Work of Stewardship
      1. The Trail Is Inside Out
      2. Facing the Wish for Dependency and Dominance
      3. Freedom’s Just Another Word for Escape from Freedom
      4. Unstated Emotional Wants: Breaking the Pattern
      5. Just Say No
      6. I Want My Mentor
    4. Seven: Redesigning Management Practices and Structures
      1. Full Disclosure
      2. Management Practices
      3. Changing Basic Architecture
      4. Boss as Banker and Broker
    5. Eight: Rethinking the Role of Staff Functions
      1. In the Service of Top Management
      2. Police and Conscience to the Line
      3. Mandated Supplier
      4. Mandated Services
      5. Offering Choice and Building Capability
      6. Service Guarantee
    6. Nine: Financial Practices Creating Accountability with Self-Control
      1. Money Is about Control
      2. The Money Is the Message
      3. Building Widespread Financial Stewardship
      4. Living within the Law
    7. Ten: Human Resources Ending the Practice of Paternalism
      1. Institutional Caretaker
      2. A New Purpose and Role
      3. The Structure of Human Resources
      4. Human Resource Practices That Support Stewardship
    8. Eleven: Compensation and Performance Evaluation Overturning the Class System
      1. The Divine Right of Kings
      2. Pay Reinforces Class Distinctions
      3. Performance Not for Sale
      4. Rank Individualism
      5. Confusing Boss Evaluations with Performance
      6. Pay for Empire
      7. Reward Systems That Support Stewardship
      8. The End of Caretaking
  11. Part III: The Triumph of Hope over Experience
    1. Twelve: Cosmetic Reform When the Disease Becomes the Cure
      1. Nothing Is Next
      2. The Open Office
      3. Patriarchy Re-creating Itself
    2. Thirteen: Re-creating Our Organization through Stewardship
      1. Stewardship Strategy for Political Reform
      2. Steps toward Political Reform
    3. A Case Study Continued: The Answer to the Power Company Story, “Sometime Later in the Week”
    4. Fourteen: Cynics, Victims and Bystanders
      1. The Power of the Cynic
      2. Rescuing the Victim
      3. Facts Won’t Help
      4. Treating Caution as a Choice
    5. Fifteen: The Answer to “How?”
      1. How
      2. “How?” Is a Defense
    6. Sixteen: Stewardship for the Common Good
      1. The Business Perspective
      2. The Point
  12. References
  13. Index
  14. Designed Learning
  15. The Author
  16. The Artist

Product information

  • Title: Stewardship, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Peter Block
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781609948245