Chapter 17

Customizing Candlestick Charts


check Choosing your indicators for candlestick charts

check Saving your own personal candlestick ChartStyles

check Using your style for trading with candlestick charts

check Sharing custom charts with fellow investors

Using stock charts comes down to two key variables. One is matching the chart settings to your personality. The second is finding indicators that help you understand the performance of stocks in your portfolio and watch list. Investors new to charts may find both of those variables overwhelming with so many choices.

Chartists use a wide range of options, and all have different ways to look at the market and use the information they find. There is a rhythm for chartists. Some like to do the analysis while the market is open. They execute open and close orders throughout the day or just before the close. Lots of investors like to analyze the market in the evening after their regular job is finished. Your choices need to match how you like to trade or invest.

In Parts 2, 3, and 4, you explore the components of a stock chart along with ...

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