Chapter 23

Ten Considerations When Your Stock Portfolio Is Up

In This Chapter

arrow Using long-term investing strategies

arrow Considering orders, triggers, and options

All of your research and incisive decision-making has paid off! Your stock is up, and you’re feeling good about that. But hold on! The world’s events and shaky conditions keep you on your toes. What should you do? This chapter lists ten considerations to make when your stock portfolio is doing well (and you want to help it stay that way!).

Reassess Your Portfolio Periodically

If you see that your stock portfolio is zigzagging upward, it’s a good time to reassess and make sure that it’s on the right track. Are there any stocks that look wobbly? Have you seen any disconcerting reports on a particular stock or industry that’s in your portfolio?

When you get a chance, redo the process that got you to buy that stock or exchange-traded fund (ETF; see Chapter 5). Does it still have the plusses that you saw when you initially acquired that stock? Are the fundamentals still good? Are sales and profits still looking good? Is the industry still on a long-term uptrend? (Flip to Parts II and III for a refresher on researching and picking winners.)

If all the positives are still there, there’s probably little to do (for now anyway). Just ...

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