Chapter 24

Ten Challenges and Opportunities for Stock Investors

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the most pressing concerns for stock investors

arrow Recognizing other markets that can affect stocks

arrow Spotting hidden opportunities with new economic megatrends

Stock investing doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it operates in a world swirling with issues and events that affect your stocks and stock investing decisions. Issues and events?! Oh man . . . what a time to be alive! In recent years, indeed it has been a “brave new world,” and stock-picking is no longer a rational or (somewhat) easy pursuit. Fortunately, it can still be profitable if you see clearly what the stock market faces today.

Events and conditions in today’s economic and social landscape will either help or hurt your stock picks. Always be mindful of today’s unfolding challenges and opportunities for wiser stock investing; we present ten of them in this chapter.

Debt, Debt, and More Debt

Virtually all categories of North American debt (personal, corporate, government, and so forth) are either at record highs or pretty darn close; for example, we recently saw a headline saying that U.S. college debt has reached a mind-boggling $1 trillion. ...

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