Chapter 5


Hazardous to Your Health

image Narcissists
image Egocentrics
image Whack-a-doodles
image Puppeteers
image Borderline
image Sociopaths

Spot a Toxic

When you’re negotiating with a Toxic personality, it is like being too close to an electric fence or poisonous material: it can be hazardous to your health. Toxic behavior is attributed to those self-absorbed people who concentrate on preserving or furthering their self-interests. They use complaining to control their environment and support their own interests. They blend into society and adapt to different social situations. Toxics like pulling strings, creating confusion, and then using the disorder or misperception to further their agendas. Toxics use this misrepresentation to deceive others. They are comfortable in chaos and often create turmoil. Toxics ...

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