6Enlist Others

AS VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES FOR MODUS ENGAGEMENT, Adam Luckeroth oversees complex sales with long sales cycles involving dozens of people whose efforts must be coordinated. With one high-value prospect, he spent time nurturing a relationship with an individual who wasn't the decision-maker. She helped Adam by making introductions to key decision-makers in the IT, sales, and marketing departments, advocating for people to meet with Adam, and coaching him on the people he'd meet. It took time, but finally some doors began to open, and “we got a small deal done,” Adam told us.

In software, it's all about “land and expand.” Over the next two years, she and I worked closely together, and she was the true definition of an internal champion. I supported her, and she started doing more and more selling internally. Last year, she won a prestigious award because of our platform and what it was doing for the organization. While I worked hard, she worked harder and used our platform to raise her profile in a very large corporation.

Adam earned the support of this internal champion by tapping into something meaningful to her. She was looking for an opportunity to stand out in a highly competitive sea of talent. He realized he could help her and was able, therefore, to enlist her in his vision for her corporation's marketing and sales teams.

Part ...

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