• Abell, Morris
  • Accountability: Finding Your Voice and clarifying values through; fueling your buyer's sense of power and control; how asking questions indicates trust by shifting; Patrick Fariss's story on affirming Shared Values through
  • Action: buyer feedback on the impact of your; buyers want to be stirred into; DWYSYWD and follow-through on promises with; Enabling Others to Act; set the example by aligning Shared Values with. See also Taking Action
  • Active listening
  • Affirming Shared Values: clarifying values by; Patrick Fariss's story on
  • AllSearch Professional Staffing
  • American Girl
  • Animating the Vision: Daniel Burnham's story on; Enlisting Others by; the test drive example of; weaving the emotional connection for
  • Appeal to Common Ideals: answering questions in order to; Enlisting Others by; two paper shredding companies story on. See also Common Purpose; Shared Values
  • Appreciation: Encourage the Heart by showing; Recognize Contributions by showing. See also Motivating
  • Ashley's story
  • Authenticity: celebrating with fun and; clarifying values with honesty and; to create authentic experiences for buyers; importance of inclusion in selling work
  • Awesome: creating a connecting experience that is; definition of
  • “Awesome connecting experience”: creating for the buyer a; as high standard essential to leadership; seller–buyer relationship required for an; using the Five Practices to create the. See also B2B buyer experience


  • B2B buyer expectations: to be heard ...

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