When Your Organizing Idea and the Experience Space Soulfully Meet

We all know that some things just go smashingly well together and sometimes their combination is better than the individual elements. It’s the 1 + 1 = 3 equation. Take, for example, peanut butter and jelly, Vegemite and cheese, gin and tonic—all better when combined together. The combos hold more weight than connections; there is a soulful amplification effect. this is how we see the joining of Organizing Ideas and Experience Spaces. By bringing them together, we get a more meaningfully constructed and effective Storyscape—one that enables connections to more than a brand logo or design style. we achieve the creation of worlds that are connected through relevant stories, technologies, and experiences that the consumer becomes immersed in.

You have studied the overall model and approach for Storyscaping. Throughout your journey, you have uncovered your brand’s Purpose uncovered a key emotional insight, uncovered a behavioral insight, and developed product or service differentiation that delivers big on these values. By connecting these four pillars, you have inspired an Organizing Idea. This is a powerful thing. Now we will learn how to soulfully connect the Organizing Idea and Experience Space to create a Story System and ultimately derive a Storyscape. To do so, we focus on the new ...

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