Chapter 5

Starting Strong for a Groundswell Response


Bullet Getting the attention of the audience right away

Bullet Using a story to open your presentation

Bullet Exploring other opening grabbers

Bullet Trying techniques to enhance your opening

If you haven’t struck oil in the first three minutes — stop boring.


Imagine this: You’re in a foreign country. You walk into a restaurant but aren’t too familiar with local foods. Something on the menu strikes your interest, so you order it. Your order comes. It looks delish and smells appetizing. You take the first bite and determine if the dish is grand or bland … your audience will make that same determination about you within the first 30 seconds. Stop and think about that. Will your opening be grand or bland?

Don’t waste those first precious moments of your talk boring your audience with self-serving information all about yourself and/or your company. That’s information they undoubtedly learned before showing up or they don’t care about. A self-absorbed opening sets the tone for a “snore fest.”

Whether you call ...

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