chapter 11introduce yourself

You have surely introduced yourself before—perhaps during a job interview, when meeting the associate of a friend, at a networking event, or during the first few moments of a presentation.

But have you ever paused and given much thought to how you do so?

“Hi, my name is Cole, and I tell stories with data.” I have said those words, standing in front of unfamiliar faces in venues all over the world, literally thousands of times over the past decade. I've done that despite being an introvert and definitely not considering myself to be a naturally stand‐in‐front‐of‐people‐and‐speak‐comfortably kind of person. This didn't happen by accident; it evolved through careful planning and practice. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to help my team and clients craft their introductions as well. It is that same approach that I will share with you here.

It may strike you as odd to encounter an entire chapter devoted to this topic and to come across it so late in the process of planning, creating, and delivering your presentation. This is intentional. The way you introduce yourself— whether formally on a stage or in daily life—can have a profound impact on the way that others perceive you. It's an opportunity to form a personal connection and establish rapport. Building on the last chapter, being able to talk about yourself eloquently will increase your confidence, too.

The targeted process of composing your introduction that I outline in the following pages ...

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