Strata Conference New York 2011: Video Compilation

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The Best of Strata New York 2011:

Learn the tools for making data work with this complete video series

Demand has skyrocketed for data scientists proficient in the technologies for gleaning insight and utility from big data. At O’Reilly’s Strata New York Conference in September 2011, developers and data professionals learned about the best tools and technologies for everything from gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and storing data to communicating data intelligence effectively.

This video compilation gives you access to every session

Tune into hardcore technical sessions on parallel computing, machine learning, and interactive visualizations. Examine case studies from finance, media, healthcare, and technology. And get provocative reports from experts and innovators. Join Ken Bado (MarkLogic CEO), Alistair Croll, (Bitcurrent Founder), Mark Madsen (Third Nature CEO), and 75 other presenters as they explore new methods to make data work.

Included among the 30 sessions you’ll receive in this video package:


  • Bringing the Rest of the World into Your Data Warehouse—Philip Kromer (Infochimps)
  • Journey or Destination: Using Models to Explore Big Data—Ben Gimpert (Altos Research)
  • Taming Data Logistics: the Hardest Part of Data Science—Ken Farmer (IBM)


  • When Elephants Mate: Will Hadoop Transform Banking?—Abhishek Mehta (Tresata)
  • Extracting Microbial Threats from Big Data—Robert Munro (EpidemicIQ, Global Viral Forecasting)
  • Do it Right: Proven Techniques for Exploiting Big Data Analytics—Bill Schmarzo (EMC)


  • Designing Data Visualizations: Telling Stories with Data—Noah Iliinsky (Complex Diagrams)
  • Chart Wars: The Political Power of Data Visualization—Alex Lundry (TargetPoint Consulting)
  • How to Avoid Some Common Graphical Mistakes—Naomi Robbins (NBR)
  • Table of contents

      1. Jumpstart - Opening Remarks: The Harsh Light of Data - Alistair Croll
      2. Jumpstart - Big Data, Big Legal Impact - Nolan Goldberg
      3. Jumpstart - What Kinds of People and Processes are Needed for Data Management and Analytics? - Cathy O'Neil
      4. Jumpstart - Big Data, Stupid Decisions: The Importance of Measuring the Right Thing - Panagiotis Ipeirotis
      5. Jumpstart - Situation Normal, Everything Must Change - Simon Wardley
      6. Jumpstart - Applying Lean Methods to Fat Companies - Hiten Shah
      7. Jumpstart - NBA (Next Best Action) for MBAs - James Kobielus
      8. Jumpstart - People Analytics: Using Data to Drive HR Strategy and Action - Kathryn Dekas
      9. Jumpstart - Creating Your Transparency Strategy in the Age of Wikileaks - Michael Nelson
      10. Jumpstart - Data Science and Building Data Teams - DJ Patil
      11. Jumpstart - Evolution, Not Revolution - Michael Nelson, Simon Wardley, Alistair Croll, and Edd Dumbill
      12. Jumpstart - Closing Thoughts: The Data Imperative - Alistair Croll
      1. Strata Summit - Welcome Opening Remarks - Edd Dumbill
      2. Strata Summit - Big Data: The Next Frontier - Michael Chui
      3. Strata Summit - Computing the World - Stephen Wolfram
      4. Strata Summit - Lies, Damned Lies, and the Data Scientist - Monica Rogati
      5. Strata Summit - Juice Data Viz Contest winner
      6. Strata Summit - Managing IT Operations and Analyzing Big Data With HPCC Systems From LexisNexis - Armando Escalante
      7. Strata Summit - Move Over Nielsen: Rethinking TV Ratings - Jodee Rich
      8. Strata Summit - Turning Their Data into your Money (and Vice Versa) - Robert Lefkowitz
      9. Strata Summit - UN Global Pulse - Robert Kirkpatrick
      10. Strata Summit - Personal Data for Public Good - Robert Kirkpatrick, Jane Yakowitz, and Bill Hoffman
      11. Strata Summit - Designing for Human Sensors, Not Human Barcodes - Cory Doctorow
      12. Strata Summit - GE Announces New Data Platform To Assist In Fight Against Breast Cancer - Paul Marcum
      13. Strata Summit - Data-Driven Journalism at the Guardian - Simon Rogers
      14. Strata Summit - Generating Stories from Data - Kristian Hammond
      15. Strata Summit - Transparency and Strategic Leaking - Michael Nelson
      16. Strata Summit - The New Corporate Intelligence - Sean Gourley
      17. Strata Summit - Data and Investigative Journalism - Marshall Kirkpatrick, Simon Rogers, Francis Irving, Jeff Jarvis, and Michael Nelson
      18. Strata Summit - Big Data: Keep it Small, Stupid! - James Kobielus
      19. Strata Summit - Consumer Data and Decisions: How the Social Data Revolution Transforms Everything from Travel to Retail - Andreas Weigend, Will Smith, and Marty St. George
      20. Strata Summit - Analytics and Witch-Doctoring - J. C. Herz
      21. Strata Summit - The Changing Role of the CIO - Moderator: J. C. Herz, with Jim Golden, Doug Harr, and Norman Nie
      22. Strata Summit - Recapitulation - Quentin Hardy
      23. Strata Summit - Sponsored Session: EMC Greenplum Using EMCs Big Data Analytics Platform to Solve Real Business Challenges - Frank Mong and Marco Pacelli
      24. Strata Summit - Sponsored Session: Amazon Big Data Inside Amazon - John Rauser
      25. Strata Summit - Sponsored Session: Aster Data Where Did Your Marketing Dollars Go? Digital Marketing Optimization Social Network Analysis - Randy Lea
      26. Strata Summit - Sponsored Session: LexisNexis HPCC Systems Finds Potential Fraud and Collusion in Health Care - Bill Fox and Jo Prichard
      27. Strata Summit - We're Measuring The Wrong Things - Matthew Bishop
      28. Strata Summit - Startup Launchpad: Introduction and Startups #1, #2, #3
      29. Strata Summit - Big Data In Banking - Moderated by: Abhishek Mehta - Panelists: Roy E. Lowrance, Richie Prager, and Allen Weinberg
      30. Strata Summit - Money Talks (and What It Says) - Coco Krumme
      31. Strata Summit - One Billion Rows per Second: Analytics for the Digital Media Markets - Michael Driscoll
      32. Strata Summit - Big Data Analytics Is Changing the World, and Your Business - Bill Cook
      33. Strata Summit - Creating a National Data Utility: Dodd-Frank Financial Reforms - Moderated by: Mark Bolgiano - Panelists: Donald F. Donahue and John Bottega
      34. Strata Summit - Google+ The Power of Social Data - Bradley Horowitz and Tim O'Reilly
      35. Strata Summit - Atmospheric Analytics - Michael Ferrari
      36. Strata Summit - Startup Launchpad: Startup #4, #5
      37. Strata Summit - Understanding Sentiment: The Future of Natural Language Processing - Jennifer Zeszut
      38. Strata Summit - Big Data -- Strategies For Generating Money In Data-driven Startups - Moderated by: David Schwab - Panelists: Paul Kedrosky, Todd Papaioannou, Robert D. Thomas, and Clint Johnson
      39. Strata Summit - Startup Launchpad Judging - Gamiel Gran, Roger Ehrenberg, and Alistair Croll
      40. Strata Summit - Data At The Scale Of The Universe - Kyle Cranmer
      41. Strata Summit - Why Dirty Data Loves A Crowd - Ariel Seidman
      42. Strata Summit - The Business of Illegal Data: Innovation from the Criminal Underground - Marc Goodman
      43. Strata Summit - Towards a Global Brain - Tim O'Reilly
      1. Strata Conference - Data-Driven Innovation: How Open Government is Transforming New York City - Rachel Sterne
      2. Strata Conference - A Profusion of Exoplanets: NASA's Kepler Mission - Jon Jenkins
      3. Strata Conference - Best of the Best: Announcing Winners of Strata/Tableau Data Visualization Contest - Elissa Fink
      4. Strata Conference - 9/11 and The Weight of Data - Jer Thorp
      5. Strata Conference - Simplifying Big Analytics for the Business - Randy Lea
      6. Strata Conference - What is a Career in Big Data? - John Rauser
      7. Strata Conference - Doing Good With Data: Data Without Borders - Jake Porway and Drew Conway
      8. Strata Conference - First, Firster, Firstest - Mark Madsen
      9. Strata Conference - Announcement of the Winner of the First Heritage Health Prize Progress Prize - Richard Merkin
      10. Strata Conference - Health Empowerment through Self-Tracking - Anne Wright
      11. Strata Conference - Big Data, Big Opportunity - Ken Bado
      12. Strata Conference - Short URLs, Big Data: Learning About the World in Realtime - Hilary Mason
      13. Strata Conference - Calling for a New Paradigm: Machines Plus Humans - Arnab Gupta
      14. Strata Conference - Data Challenges in Astronomy: NASA's Kepler Mission and the Search for Extrasolar Earths - Jon Jenkins
      15. Strata Conference - The Human Dimension: Organizational and Social Challenges of Business Analytics - John Lucker
      16. Strata Conference - Marketing with Data - Joseph Adler
      17. Strata Conference - Data Prediction Competitions: What Archimedes and Roger Bannister Can Teach Us about the Business of Data - Jeremy Howard
      18. Strata Conference - Big Data, Emergency Management and Business Continuity - Jeannie Stamberger
      19. Strata Conference - Extracting Microbial Threats From Big Data - Robert Munro
      20. Strata Conference - HunchWorks: Combining Human Expertise and Big Data - Chris van der Walt, Dane Petersen, and Sara Farmer
      21. Strata Conference - Creating a Fact-based Decision Making Culture in Organizations - Amaresh Tripathy
      22. Strata Conference - Gaining New Insights from Massive Amounts of Machine Data - Jake Flomenberg and Denise Hemke
      23. Strata Conference - Why MongoDB Was Created: What I Wish I Knew at DoubleClick - Dwight Merriman
      24. Strata Conference - Dedupe, Merge, and Purge: The Art of Normalization - Tyler Bell and Leo Polovets
      25. Strata Conference - Bringing the Rest of the World Into Your Data Warehouse - Philip Kromer
      26. Strata Conference - Entities, Relationships, and Semantics: The State of Structured Search - Daniel Tunkelang, Andrew Hogue, Breck Baldwin, Evan Sandhaus, and Wlodek Zadrozny
      27. Strata Conference - Big (Bad) Data - Elizabeth Charnock
      28. Strata Conference - Agile Clouds for Big Data: Empowering the Data Scientist - Richard McDougall
      29. Strata Conference - Big Data and Big Analytics: SciDB Is not Hadoop - Paul Brown
      30. Strata Conference - Optimizing Scarce Resources Using Real-time Decision Making - Alasdair Allan
      31. Strata Conference - Navigating the Data Pipeline - Tim Moreton
      32. Strata Conference - The Accidental Chief Privacy Officer - Jim Adler
      33. Strata Conference - Journey or Destination: Using Models to Explore Big Data - Ben Gimpert
      34. Strata Conference - Data as the Building Block at Foursquare - Justin Moore
      35. Strata Conference - Taming Data Logistics - The Hardest Part of Data Science - Ken Farmer
      36. Strata Conference - Data Visualization - Where Normal People Fall in Love with Data - Hjalmar Gislason
      37. Strata Conference - Humble Pie: Helping the Guardian Chart Big Stories Through Small Details - Alastair Dant
      38. Strata Conference - The Charts You Want Might Not Be the Charts You Need - Irene Ros
      39. Strata Conference - Data Science from the Perspective of an Applied Economist - Scott Nicholson
      40. Strata Conference - 1M. 10M. 100M. Data! - Monica Rogati
      41. Strata Conference - Chart Wars: The Political Power of Data Visualization - Alex Lundry
      42. Strata Conference - Designing Data Visualizations: Telling Stories With Data - Noah Iliinsky
      43. Strata Conference - Big Data Use Cases in the Cloud - Peter Sirota and Justin Moore
      44. Strata Conference - Google Cloud for Data Crunchers - Ryan Boyd and Chris Schalk
      45. Strata Conference - Data Environmentalism - Trevor Hughes
      46. Strata Conference - Hazarding a Guess: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues in Analytics and Big Data Applications - Solon Barocas, Betsy Masiello, and Jane Yakowitz
      47. Strata Conference - Apache Cassandra 1.0: Ready for the Enterprise - Jonathan Ellis
      48. Strata Conference - MapReduce for the Rest of Us: Unlocking Data Science for the Business User - Tasso Argyros
      49. Strata Conference - How Thomson Reuters Finds a Needle in Many Haystacks within Seconds - Steve Jackson
      50. Strata Conference - Gaining Adoption Through Data Visualization - Lee Feinberg
      51. Strata Conference - How Hadoop is Revolutionizing Business Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics - Amr Awadallah
      52. Strata Conference - Telecom Network Switches: Big Value from Big Data - Jim Falgout
      53. Strata Conference - LexisNexis: Reinventing New Business with Big Data - Ron Avnur and Mark Rodgers
      54. Strata Conference - Big Data Revolution: Benefit from MapReduce Without the Risk - Ted Dunning
      55. Strata Conference - Beyond BI Transforming Your Business with Big Data Analytics - Steven Hillion
      56. Strata Conference - Assembling Data to Fight Breast Cancer - Moderated by: Roger Magoulas - Panelists: Anthony Goldbloom, Trajan Bayly, Nuala O'Connor Kelly and Abdul Shaikh
      57. Strata Conference - Big Data Architectures 2.0: Beyond the Elephant Ride - Vineet Tyagi

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