Strata Rx Conference San Francisco 2012: Complete Video Compilation

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Get a front row seat for workshops and sessions at O’Reilly’s Strata Rx—the first conference to bring data science to the intractable and urgent issues confronting healthcare. With this video compilation, you’ll learn how data is bringing advances in personalized and predictive medicine, as well as significant cost savings, and research that points to entirely new products and markets.

Table of contents

  1. A Predictive Approach to Real-Time Detection of Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Healthcare - Noah Zimmerman 00:35:19
  2. APCDs - How Big Data in Health Care will Empower Patients and Transform Health Care - John Freedman 00:40:48
  3. A Conversation with Vinod Khosla - Tim O'Reilly and Vinod Khosla 00:22:14
  4. AgaMatrix Fights Diabetes using Data and Design - Sridhar Iyengar 00:34:41
  5. A Small Proposal: One Experiment - James Heywood 00:16:00
  6. Analytics in Healthcare Consumerism - John Zedlewski, Jen Bisignani and Arjun Kulothungun 00:35:09
  7. Applying Smart Analytics to the Medicare Readmission Problem - Niall Brennan 00:38:51
  8. Bigger Data or Better Questions? - Alexandra Drane 00:14:41
  9. Beyond the patient: Studying whole healthcare systems using claims data - Frederica Conrey 00:29:16
  10. Big Data for Big People - Esther Dyson, Roni Zeiger, Bastian Greshake and Ryan Phelan 00:42:02
  11. Big Fast Data in Health Sciences: A Panel of Experts Discusses What and Why - Bill Schmarzo, Jonathan Cohen, Christopher Keene a 00:37:13
  12. Bridging The Funding Gap For Big Data HealthTech Startups - Anne DeGheest, Alexis Borisy, Bryan Roberts and Thomas Rodgers 00:39:02
  13. Buxton's Ghost: The Ethos of Healthcare Data Science - Fred Trotter 00:07:47
  14. Choose Your Monopolies Wisely - John Wilbanks 00:15:37
  15. Crowd Sourced Research: Better, Faster, Cheaper - Anne Wojcicki 00:12:50
  16. Cancer Patients and Pharma Catalyze Action to Share Research Data - Marcia Kean, Charles Hugh-Jones and Gwen Darien 00:40:08
  17. Demonstration Project - Improved Care NOW - David Fore, Lesa Mitchell and Michael Seid 00:40:44
  18. Disruptors: Panel On What Healthcare Will Look Like In 2020 - DJ Patil, John Mattison, Tim O'Reilly and Benjamin West 00:39:41
  19. Doing Big Data All By Yourself: Interactive Data Driven Decision Making by Non-Programmers - Ari Gesher and Lauren Chaparro 00:41:28
  20. Dreaming of Tenure and IPOs While Patients Suffer and Diseases Remain Untreated - What Prevents Open Approaches to Building Bett 00:15:36
  21. Electronic Measurement in the Real World: Lessons Learned from the Beacon Communities - Kerri Petrin, Lori Stephenson, Craig Bra 00:36:36
  22. Embracing Personalized Medicine Safely - David Houlding 00:44:19
  23. HIE 2.0 - The future of Health Information Exchange - John Kansky 00:39:15
  24. Handling 00:33:08
  25. Health Data Now: The Untapped Potential Of Structured Data Stuck On Paper - Darren Hite, Kuang Chen, Mohit Kaushal, Kyna Fong an 00:45:01
  26. How Open Data and Prize Competitions Will Drive Innovation in Health - Jonathan Gluck, Guy Cavet and Aman Bhandari 00:39:07
  27. How Predictive Analytics Lets The Health Care Ecosystem Do More For Patients Who Need Help - Josh Benner 00:33:08
  28. Its an Exciting Time in the Industry - Bill Schmarzo 00:05:17
  29. Impacts of social health data on predicting weight loss and engagement - Jin Hahn and David Kil 00:35:38
  30. Knowledge Sharing and Personalized Clinical Decision Support: Keys to US Healthcare Transformation - Blackford Middleton 00:14:35
  31. Learning Models for Metabolic Syndrome from Medical Claims Data - Bruce Church and Greg Steinberg 00:51:35
  32. Lessons from consumer web data science applied to personalized medicine and hospital efficiency - Scott Nicholson 00:37:50
  33. Population Health Management and Analytics Using Longitudinal, Comparative EHR Data - Allen Kamer 00:42:39
  34. Preparing for Surprise - Carol McCall 00:15:40
  35. Predictive Analytics of Multi-Dimensional Data Leads to Accurate and Personalized Treatment Recommendations for Patients and Low 00:36:59
  36. Real World Evidence Meets Big Data: Implications for Patient-Centric Analytics - Andrew Kress 00:09:28
  37. Rapid Learning Systems to Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Costs - Bharat Rao 00:46:43
  38. Reasons why health data is poorly integrated today and what we can do about it - Shahid Shah 00:35:49
  39. Responsibly Using And Disclosing De-identified Data Under The HIPAA Privacy Rule - Ann Waldo, Khaled El Emam and David Houlding 00:47:55
  40. Session by William E. Klitgaard - William E. Klitgaard 00:29:58
  41. Solving the Wanamaker Problem for Healthcare - Tim O'Reilly 00:16:53
  42. Startup Showcase Winners 00:36:05
  43. Support the Proposed Federal Rule to Expand the Rights of Patients to Access Their Test Results - Ann Waldo 00:03:44
  44. Tina Brown-Stevenson - UnitedHealth Networks 00:16:02
  45. The Convergence of Genomic and Phenomic Data - Alexis Borisy 00:15:55
  46. The Emergence of Proactive P4 Medicine: A Revolution in Healthcare - Leroy Hood 00:28:40
  47. The Frontiers of Health Data Analytics - Roger Magoulas, Jacomo Corbo, Colin Hill and Nathan Wolfe 00:40:31
  48. The Industrialization of Healthcare: Driving Value Through Technology and Analytics - Brad Ryan 00:45:40
  49. The Meaningful Use of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare - Josh Wills, Kenneth Kolenik, Jake Marcus, Jacob Miller and Nig 00:41:24
  50. The Shape of Big Data Can Impact Cancer Outcomes - Pek Lum 00:36:07
  51. The Value of Big Data Technologies in Healthcare: Real World Examples and What's on the Horizon - Rod Smith 00:32:39
  52. Unleashing the Power of Medicare Data to Accelerate Health System Change - Niall Brennan 00:13:31
  53. Using Mobile Technology to Improve Patient Engagement and Outcomes - Kin Lane, Cale Bruckner, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Jonathon Dreye 00:33:33
  54. Using the Social fMRI to investigate health and wellness mechanisms with mobile phones - Nadav Aharony 00:42:27
  55. Why Facebook and Google Missed the Boat on Healthcare - Sreedhar Potarazu 00:31:25
  56. clearScience: Dragging Scientific Communication into the Information Age - Brian Bot and Erich Huang 00:41:12

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