Strata Rx Conference Boston 2013: Complete Video Compilation

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This complete video compilation provides an up-close view of every keynote, session, and workshop at O’Reilly’s Strata Rx 2013 Conference in Boston. You’ll learn the latest research, best practices, analytic approaches, and emerging tools and technologies for dealing with large amounts of data in healthcare.

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Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. Catalyzing the Health Data Ecosystem - Bryan Sivak
    2. Addressing Big Data challenges for Real-time Personalized Medicine - Amit Sinha
    3. Blind Spot - Carol McCall
    4. Healthcare Analytics in the Age of Personalized Medicine - August Calhoun
    5. Power to the People - Claudia Williams
    6. Connecting Researchers to Patient- and Person-Generated Data - Kevin Patrick
    7. Dismantling Data Tyranny - Adindu Uzoma
    8. Fireside Chat with Aneesh Chopra and John Halamka
    9. The Power of Three - Jonathan Bush
    10. Health Care Analytics: The Key Is Integration - Tom Davenport
    11. Startup Showcase Winner - Syapse
    12. Keynote Announcement with Fred Trotter
    13. A Story about Big Data in Healthcare from Aetna Innovation Labs - Henry Wei
    14. Translating a Trillion Points of Data into Therapies, Diagnostics, and New Insights into Disease - Atul Butte
  2. Sessions
    1. Fact or Fiction: Healthcare Big Data - Bill Geary, Michael Weintraub, Chris Kryder, and Charlie Baker
    2. Patient Consent to Use of Data: Are We Asking the Wrong Question? - David Harlow
    3. Optimizing Patient-provider Communication through Machine Learning Analysis - Bill Tan and Maurice Collins
    4. Clinical Trial Blue Button: Returning Electronic Clinical Data to Clinical Trial Participants - Craig Lipset
    5. Identifying Hidden Signals of Risks: A Case Study of Biomedical Research at Brigham and Womens Hospital and Harvard Medical Scho
    6. Rx for Better Patient Care and Cost Containment - Diane Burley, Aaron Brauser, Aaron Stranahan, and Kash Badami
    7. Reducing Hospital Re-admissions with Social Networking and Data Science - Michael Gold and Lise Worthen-Chaudhari
    8. Trends in Venture Funding of Digital Health - Halle Tecco
    9. SAP HANA in Healthcare Real-time Big Data Analysis - David P. Delaney
    10. Are You Visiting the Right Doctor? - Vinay Mohta
    11. Graph Search for Healthcare - Jo Prichard
    12. Improving the Care of Premature Infants with JavaScript, Python, and Drools - Jeffrey Miller
    13. Analytical Methods and Tools to Improve Patient Care and Lower Costs - Joey Jablonski
    14. Designing for Dignity in Health Tech - Jen van der Meer
    15. Facilitating Analytics While Protecting Individual Privacy Using Data De-identification - Khaled El Emam
    16. Data Driven Model to Minimize Hospital Readmissions - Miriam Paramore and David Talby
    17. Data Driven Drugs: Predictive Models to Improve Product Quality in Pharmaceuticals - Sarah Aerni
    18. The Only Constant in Health Behavior is Change - Christine Lemke
    19. Sending Population Questions to the Data: Solving for HIPAA in Big Data - Richard Elmore
    20. Model-Based Medicine: From Data to Decision - Tuan Dinh
    21. Community, Platforms and Data: How to Engage Patients Using Data, Social Media and Games - Bonnie Feldman, Anmol Madan, Bruce Sp
    22. Global Burden of Disease - Big Data in Global Health - Peter Speyer
    23. Reducing Costs and Improving Patient Outcomes with In-Database Analytics - Jennifer Vogel, John Rollins, and Greg Rodd
    24. The Next Top 5 Percent: How to Identify Patients Whose Cost of Care is About to Skyrocket and Intervene Early - Tim Darling and
    25. Deal Flow in Healthcare Big Data and IT - Bijan Salehizadeh, Anthony Gerardi, and Michael Greeley
    26. Fueling Clinical Apps with Meaningful Use Standards - Josh Mandel and David Kreda
    27. Incremental Healthcare Analytics: from analyzing health history to planning health future - Nitin Agarwal
    28. Harnessing Public Data Mash-ups for Healthcare - John Mattison and Hulya Emir-Farinas
    29. I Do: Creating Lasting Engagement in Health With Trust and Expertise - Ron Gutman
    30. Presenting an NIH-Funded Study on the Value of Dictation for EHR Usability and Documentation Quality - James M. Maisel, M.D.
    31. Fitter, Happier: Improve Your Health and Productivity with R - Marc Garrett
    32. Comparative Effectiveness from Real World Data - Marc Berger, M.D., Robert Epstein, M.D., and Usman Iqbal
    33. ACOs Case Study: Engaging Physicians to Improve ACO Quality Measures - Michael Gleeson
    34. NextGen Healthcare Applications: What Role Can Big Data and the Cloud Play? - David Boloker
    35. Clinical Algorithms at Work: Shifting from Surveillance to Improving Clinical Outcomes - John Shepard
    36. From Terrorists to T Cells: Applying Big Data Technology to Drug Development - Lauren Chaparro and Andrew Girvin
    37. Service Oriented Architecture Requires Service Oriented Data - Shahid Shah
    38. Consumer Engagement: Why it matters and how to measure it - Moderated by: Jordan Shlain - Panelists: Alexandra Drane and Sridhar
    39. So, You've Built a Health Sensor Device. What Should You Do With the Data? - Rachel Kalmar
  3. Workshops
    1. Big Data for the Healthcare Executive - Yadid Ayzenberg
    2. Emotional Healthcare | Why Data Doesn't Matter - Amik Ahmad
    3. Big Data Meets Privacy - Nathalie Holmes and Khaled El Emam
    4. The Next 700 Mood Trackers - Creating Your Own Health Experiments with Paco - Bob Evans
    5. Easier than Excel: Social Network Analysis of DocGraph with Gephi - Janos Hajagos and Fred Trotter
    6. How Data and Analytics Can Drive Real and Meaningful Organizational Changes - Eugene Kolker
    7. Why Opening Government Data Alone Cant Cure Kenyas Broken Health Care System - Ida Jooste
    8. Applying Downstream Analytics in a Big Data Environment - John McDaniel
    9. 3D Healthcare :: A Deeper Understanding of Motion Disorders - Lily Szajnberg and Greg Borenstein
    10. Precision Medicine: Autism(s) as a Case History in Finding the True Names of Disease - Isaac Kohane
    11. Community Clouds for Cancer Genomics: Lessons Learned from Bionimbus - Robert Grossman and Allison Heath

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