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Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life

Book Description

In today’s ultra-competitive, breakneck world, getting superior results at the fastest rate possible is critical to success. But the hectic speed of life can make it easy to become sidetracked by things that cloud our sense of priority, making us less effective. Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life presents a methodology that will help you get clear, stay focused, and efficiently execute relevant, high-value activities that bring you the results and success you want—faster.

Tony Jeary’s Strategic Acceleration method resulted from his obsession with studying distinctions that characterize top-performing high-achievers and organizations. From his study, Tony discovered and proved that the foundational characteristic of great performers was their ability to communicate their vision clearly and to perfectly translate their vision into action. Tony labels this distinction Communication Mastery, and it is the basis for his Strategic Acceleration Process. Whether you are a manager, an executive, an entrepreneur, a business developer, a sales team member, a management group, an organization, or anything in between, Strategic Acceleration is guaranteed to help you achieve what you want, when you want it.

Table of Contents

  1. Epigraph
  2. Praise
  3. Title Page
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. CHAPTER 1 - The Speed of Life and What You Believe
    1. Without Clarity, You Will Resist Strategic Change
    2. Perception Is Reality, Even if It’s Not the Truth
    3. The Things You Believe Impact Your Results
    4. The Value of Changing Strategic Beliefs: A Case Study
    5. Strategic vs. Tactical
    6. A Lack of Clarity Creates Felt Needs
    7. You Can Live in the Problem, or You Can Live in the Solution
    8. Increasing Effectiveness Is the Strategic Issue in Improving Results
    9. How Far in the Future Can You See?
    10. Summary
  9. CHAPTER 2 - The Pulling Power of Clarity: Vision
    1. A Clear Vision Is Critical to Success and Effectiveness
    2. The Value of Combining Opportunity with Personal Strengths: A Case Study
    3. Vision Can Transform the Worst of Circumstances
    4. Getting Better, Not Bitter: A Case Study
    5. Get Clear on What You Really Want
    6. Recognize the Opportunities in Your Own Life
    7. Docking a Ship Seems Impossible, But It’s Actually a Series of Small, Easy Steps
    8. Understanding Your Gifts and Strengths Is Critical
    9. Summary
  10. CHAPTER 3 - Understanding the “Why” Produces Clarity
    1. Enabling Transparency: A Case Study
    2. A Young Man’s Vision Becomes Reality: A Case Study
    3. The Relationship of Value to Results
    4. Value in Action: Going for the Green: A Case Study
    5. Tactical vs. Strategic Thinking
    6. Consequences of Not Having Clarity
    7. If-Then Thinking
    8. The Practical Effect of Clarity
    9. Clarity and Performance
    10. Summary
  11. CHAPTER 4 - Focus Is the Opposite of Distraction
    1. Learning How to Focus
    2. Rung #1: Become Aware of the Need for Focus
    3. Rung #2: Clarify the Need to Improve Your Focus Skills
    4. Rung #3: Focus on Improving Your Skills, Then Practice
    5. The Problem of Focusing on the Past
    6. The Problem of Focusing on the Future
    7. Rung #4: Execute Your Solution and Make It a Second-Nature Routine
    8. Four Positive Characteristics of the Ability to Focus
    9. Summary
  12. CHAPTER 5 - Finding Focus and Producing Real Results
    1. Compare Your Current Situation with Your Future Vision
    2. Getting Clear on Current Conditions
    3. Strategically Merging Positives and Negatives: A Case Study
    4. Venturing into the Gap
    5. Strategies, Objectives, and Action Steps
    6. Putting Value in Perspective at The News Group: A Case Study
    7. Organizing Your Goals and Locating Your Focus at Three Levels
    8. Differentiating Your Focus at Each Tier of Your Vision
    9. Putting It All Together
    10. Summary
  13. CHAPTER 6 - Persuasion Matters
    1. Persuasion Is Critical to Execution
    2. What It Means to Exceed Expectations
    3. How Exceeding Expectations Impacts Results
    4. Understanding Expectations
    5. Persuasion Is the Key to Exceeding Expectations
    6. The Three Elements of Effective Persuasion
    7. Summary
  14. CHAPTER 7 - Production Before Perfection
    1. The Procrastination Problem
    2. Identifying the Foundations of Procrastination
    3. Procrastination Is Just a Bad Habit!
    4. Go as Far as You Can See, and Then You’ll See Farther
    5. Summary
  15. CHAPTER 8 - The Persuasive Influence of Strategic Presence
    1. Your “Strategic Presence” Defines Other People’s Perception of You
    2. The Building Blocks of Strategic Presence
    3. Your Values Contribute to Your Strategic Presence
    4. Your Behavior Also Contributes to Your Strategic Presence
    5. How to Communicate Strategically
    6. Creating Images of Influence
    7. Your Vision Statement
    8. Your Behavioral Priorities
    9. Presence Statements and Characteristics
    10. Why These Building Blocks Are Important
    11. Creating and Sustaining a Positive Strategic Presence Requires Repetition
    12. Summary
  17. APPENDIX A - Creating Your Clarity Blueprint
  18. APPENDIX B - Creating Your Focus Blueprint
  19. APPENDIX C - Creating Your Execution Blueprint
  23. Copyright Page