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Strategic Benefits Realization

Book Description

This desk reference offers practical guidance for program managers, portfolio managers, and business leaders in the implementation of benefits realization management in organizations.  Aligned with global standards, this book extends the knowledge contained in these standards through practical implementation guidance, examples, and additional detail created to assist organizations in implementing benefits realization management as a business practice to support the achievement of strategic business benefits.

It also addresses important considerations in organizational change management, providing insights on leveraging key principles to guide successful implementation of the business change required to realize benefits through project and program work. Leveraging benefits realization management at the business portfolio level is covered as well. This book is ideal for organizations beginning to implement benefits realization management and those that wish to mature existing practices.

Strategic Benefits Realization provides a practical approach to implementing benefits realization management in organizations that is aligned to PMI’s Standard for Program Management and other global standards, and is presented in the context of program and portfolio management. The guidance offered supports effective governance and execution management to deliver business value.

Key Features
  • Provides guidance for organizations seeking to implement benefits realization management principles within both project and program management environments
  • Describes the complete benefits realization life cycle from initial business case development and benefits identification through transition and preparation for sustaining benefits
  • Reviews organizational change management principles and supplies practical guidance for leading business change
  • Details critical benefits realization management roles and offers advice for selecting key leaders
  • Focuses on the establishment of key performance indicators and measurement systems to quantitatively manage benefits realization
  • Explains the role of governance in benefits realization management and provides guidance for program management offices and governance bodies for effectively supporting benefits realization management in organizations
  • Includes a focus on the application of benefits realization management at the portfolio level
  • Aligned with global program management standards including the Project Management Institute’s Standard for Program Management
  • WAV offers downloadable sample tools and templates to support implementation — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com