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The matrix shows 30 case numbers. Each case number has a corresponding company name. The matrix shows 11 management concepts. The mapping between the management concepts and case numbers is as follows.

  1. Strategy or Model or Process

    USA Headquartered

    • o USA-Based Service Companies: Case 3, Marriott International, Inc.

    • o USA-Based Manufacturing Companies: Case 18, Tesla Motors, Inc.; Case 24, case 24 Revlon, Inc.

      Outside-USA Headquartered:

  2. Vision or Mission Statements

    USA Headquartered

    • USA-Based Service Companies: Case 5, Cinemark Holdings, Inc.

    • USA-Based Manufacturing Companies: Case 15, Constellation Brands Inc.; Case 16, GoPro, Inc.

  3. Competitive Profile Matrix

    USA Headquartered

    • o USA-Based Service Companies: Case 1, Dunkin’ Brands ...

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