Our Situation Is Unique

Later still, during the same session . . .

Jane spoke first. “Wow, OK, I think I am beginning to get it but what you gave me were standard situations; our situation is unique. We are different and, I might add, difficult. We are home-grown and have a unique platform, structure, and population.”

“Yes,” Joe chimed in. “None of what you just charted relates to us.”

Suddenly you could feel the tension in the room.

“Crap, is this really what we need?” Ed blurted. “Can’t we just tell people what to do and get it over with?”

“Hmmm. Well, that certainly is one strategy?” Tim replied.

“Um, Ed,” Joe spoke up, “need I remind you that your strategy IS what we have been trying to do for quite some time. I think you know the results. ...

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