Appendix ASample Workplans for Abbreviated, Moderate, and Extensive Planning Processes

How to Use the Workplan Templates

We offer these workplan templates as guides to strategic planning processes of different levels of intensity. The three workplans are written to illustrate different levels of intensity in the planning process.

An abbreviated planning process is essentially a one-day board and staff retreat with preparation by a small group and follow-up anticipated by staff or ad hoc committees. We highly recommend engagement of an outside facilitator.

A moderate planning process is estimated to last two to three months. This time frame allows for a limited amount of research and stakeholder engagement. It also allows a strategic planning committee to meet a few times in addition to holding a board-staff retreat.

An extensive planning process is the level of intensity that this book describes. It is estimated to last from six to nine months and involves an extensive amount of internal and external stakeholder engagement, thorough analysis of the theory of change, program portfolio, business model, organization capacity, and leadership. The strategic planning committee will meet at least monthly during the period to steer the process and ensure that it is brought to successful completion.

Sample Abbreviated Planning Process Workplan

Participants include the board and staff.

Preparation requires a small group to plan the retreat and to gather and distribute ahead of time the ...

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