Assessing Your Mission

A mission statement is a statement of the company's purpose or its fundamental reason for existing. The statement spotlights what business a company is presently in and the customer needs it presently strives to meet. To build a solid foundation for a successful business, having a written, clear, concise, and consistent mission statement is essential. This statement should simply explain who you are and why you exist.

For example, the mission statement of Olsen & Associates Public Relations is, “We create positive relationships for our clients in the communities they serve by identifying and utilizing the appropriate means of communication.” If the company doesn't live up to this mission, it has no reason to exist.

I help you develop (or revise) your mission statement in the following sections by first looking at the elements of an effective mission statement and then providing several examples throughout.

Elements of an effective mission statement

Your mission statement serves as a guide for day-to-day operations and as the foundation for future decision making. Make sure that your statement includes the following criteria:

  • Focuses on satisfying customer needs: Focus the business on satisfying customer needs instead of spotlighting your product or service.
  • Based on your core competencies: Base your mission on a competitively superior internal strength or resource that your company performs well in comparison to your competitors. For example, McDonald's ...

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