Strategic Project Management Made Simple, 2nd Edition

Book description

Learn to plan and execute projects in any organization with this practical and insightful resource 

The comprehensively updated and revised edition of Strategic Project Management Made Simple cements this series’ status as the leading resource for anyone looking for step-by-step guidance on project design and action initiatives. 

Written by celebrated management consultant Terry Schmidt, this book fully covers the necessity of systems thinking and the logical framework approach to solve today’s challenging problems. Strategic Project Management Made Simple also includes: 

  • An expanded section on turning ideas, problems, and opportunities into projects 
  • A newly created chapter on managing your “inner game” to achieve project excellence   
  • Fresh case studies that cover how to pivot your business to meet changing needs  
  • A new approach, Iterating to Excellence, to create your Minimum Viable Project and produce solutions smoother and faster

Strategic Project Management Made Simple, Revised and Updated is an indispensable volume for leaders and workers seeking to transform their approach to planning, driving, and executing projects in their organizations. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
    1. Turn Strategy into Action
    2. Project Leaders Deliver Results
    3. Preparing for the Changing World Ahead
    4. What Project Teams Require
    5. Who This Book Is For
    6. What You'll Find in This Book
    7. What's New in This Book
    8. Getting the Most from Our Journey Together
  7. Part I: Gaining the Strategic Advantage
    1. 1 Developing Your Strategic Project Mindset
      1. What NASA Rule #15 Can Teach Us
      2. Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap
      3. Shoot for the Moon
      4. Different Contexts But Similar Issues
      5. Preview the Solution Tools
      6. Review Key Points
      7. Coming Up Next
    2. 2 Visualizing Project Strategy
      1. Make Simple Strategy
      2. The Power of Causal Logic
      3. Organize Objectives into Trees
      4. Illuminate Multiple Solution Paths
      5. Develop Your Own Objectives Tree
      6. Review Key Points
      7. Coming Up Next
    3. 3 Speaking a Common Language
      1. Communicate with Clarity
      2. Set Clear Objectives
      3. Communicate in Words and Diagrams
      4. Simple Project Logic and the Strategic Hypotheses
      5. How Projects Deliver Benefits
      6. Turn a Problem into Objectives
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Coming Up Next
    4. 4 Exploring the Logical Framework Approach
      1. Equip Leaders with Practical Tools
      2. Examine the LogFrame Structure and Questions
      3. How a Stalled Team Finally Got Going
      4. Strengthen Your Project Design
      5. Think from Multiple Perspectives
      6. Case Study: Managing Enterprise-Wide Change
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Coming Up Next
  8. Part II: Mastering the Four Critical Strategic Questions
    1. 5 Question #1—What Are We Trying to Accomplish and Why?
      1. Define and Align Key Objectives
      2. Let's Go to the Moon!
      3. Start with the Big Why
      4. Identify your MVP
      5. Review These Project Designs
      6. Review Key Points
      7. Apply Step #1
      8. Coming Up Next
    2. 6 Question #2—How Do We Measure Success?
      1. Develop Success Measures and Verifications
      2. Measure What Matters Most
      3. Determine How to Verify
      4. Measures Help You Choose Among Alternative Approaches
      5. Special Types of Indicators
      6. Case Study: Winning the Peace After Winning the War
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Apply Step #2
      9. Coming Up Next
    3. 7 Question #3—What Other Conditions Must Exist?
      1. Surface and Test Assumptions
      2. Spot Trouble Before It Strikes
      3. Evaluate Assumptions in Three Steps
      4. Case Study: Battling the Asian Gypsy Moth Invasion
      5. Turn Objectives Trees into LogFrame Plans
      6. Review Key Points
      7. Apply Step #3
      8. Coming Up Next
    4. 8 Question #4—How Do We Get There?
      1. Identify Action Steps
      2. Build It Big
      3. Gateway to Multiple Execution Tools
      4. Decide Which Lifecycle Fits Best
      5. Manage the Ongoing Strategic Action Cycle
      6. Keep Your Project on Track
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Apply Step #4
      9. Coming Up Next
  9. Part III: Putting These Concepts into Practice
    1. 9 Getting Your Project Off the Ground
      1. Move from Storming to Performing
      2. Prepare for a Productive Project Launch
      3. Conduct a Project Design Workshop
      4. Hold a Project Kickoff Meeting
      5. Engage Your Stakeholders Early
      6. Create a High-Performance Culture
      7. When to Pivot Your Strategy
      8. Case Study: Upgrading Group Performance
      9. Review Key Points
      10. Coming Up Next
    2. 10 Managing Your Inner Game
      1. Leverage Your Internal Operating System
      2. Take Charge of Your Thoughts
      3. Manage Your Emotions
      4. Strengthen Your Courage Muscles
      5. Build Your Emotional Resilience
      6. Manage Your Internal PROJECTS
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Coming Up Next
    3. 11 Building Your High-Performing Team
      1. Components of a Stellar Team
      2. Create Engaging Virtual Meetings
      3. Case Study: Transforming a Team Through Caring
      4. Help Others to Become Their Best
      5. Review Key Points
      6. Coming Up Next
    4. 12 Managing Your Life Projects
      1. Design Your Future
      2. Craft Your Personal Vision
      3. Develop Your Life Project Portfolio
      4. Commit Yourself to Make It Happen
      5. Manage Your Dreams and Disappointments
      6. Project Yourself into the Future
      7. Review Key Points
      8. Coming Up Next
  10. We Are Here to Support You
  11. Glossary and Usage of Terms
  12. About the Author
  13. Index
  14. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Strategic Project Management Made Simple, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Terry Schmidt
  • Release date: May 2021
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119718178