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Strategic Supply Management

Book Description

This book presents a roadmap and understanding of what it really means to practice strategic supply management. No longer a transactional activity, supply management is about creating and sustaining new sources of competitive advantage. Dr. Trent articulates how to create a supply management organization that you can count on to deliver reliable sources of supply and, eventually, competitive advantage. He purposely presents a holistic approach that focuses on breadth rather than depth so that readers can see how the different elements that comprise strategic supply management come together to create a hard-to-duplicate source of competitive advantage. Strategic Supply Management presents, in a concise manner, the need for supply leadership, the organizational enablers that must be in place, and the strategies and approaches that leading organizations pursue to achieve advantages in price and cost, quality, cycle time, technology, flexibility, and end customer responsiveness.

This is a must read for any procurement or supply management professional; finance, operations, and engineering functional managers; executives who interact on a regular basis with supply management professionals; and academics and students.

Key Features
  • Summarizes what a leading supply management organization looks like today, completely defines strategic supply management, and provides a clear understanding of the leadership required to achieve a set of demanding supply objectives
  • Explains the four critical enablers underlying strategic supply management—organizational design, measurement, information technology, and human resources—which are prerequisites to the pursuit of more sophisticated supply management activities
  • Discusses how to develop supply strategies and presents the leading-edge supply approaches and strategies that can lead to sustained competitive advantage
  • Presents information about specific concepts, processes, best practices, tools, and real company examples in each chapter and includes end-of-chapter questions to help facilitate discussion and learning