Strategies for Project Sponsorship

Book description

Optimize the Role of the Project Sponsor

The project sponsor is critical to project success, yet it is a role that is often assigned to a member of the organization with little knowledge or training in project management practices. This creates challenges not only for the sponsor but for the project manager. The organization suffers too if key members of the project team are not fully utilized, as valuable resources are wasted.

In Strategies for Project Sponsorship, the authors address this challenge from all three vantage points—that of the project manager, the project sponsor, and the organization. Based on their practical experience and solid research, they offer practical methods that project manager s can use to optimize the participation of the sponsor. They also offer clear and straightforward guidance for project sponsors on how to properly execute their duties and contribute to project success. Executives will gain valuable perspective on the organization's projects and key players.

From defining the roles and responsibilities of the project sponsor to suggesting specific practices that maximize the working relationship between the sponsor and project manager, this book is the ultimate guide. Examples from real-world sponsor experiences, as well as tips, techniques, and tools, enhance its applicability and practicality.

This book should be given to every newly assigned project sponsor, read and referred to by every project manager, and on the desk of every organizational executive as a reference.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Authors
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Preface
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Introduction to Project Sponsorship
    1. What Is Project Sponsorship?
    2. The Sponsor’s Role
    3. What Do the Professionals Say?
    4. Who Does What and When?
  11. Part I For the Project Manager
    1. Chapter 1 Preparing to Work with Your Sponsor
      1. Who Should Sponsor Your Project?
      2. Assessing Your Sponsor
      3. Interviewing the Sponsor
      4. Kicking Off Your Relationship with the Sponsor
    2. Chapter 2 Working with a Sponsor
      1. Using Your Influence
      2. Asking Your Sponsor for Help
      3. Giving Feedback to Your Sponsor
      4. Delivering Bad News
      5. Coaching Your Sponsor
      6. The Sponsor Responsibilities Evaluation Tool
      7. Sharing the Project Passion with Your Sponsor
      8. Planning for a Sponsor’s Sudden Absence
      9. The Project Manager Evaluation Tool
    3. Chapter 3 Working with Challenging Sponsors
      1. The Absent Sponsor
      2. The Busy Sponsor
      3. The Uninterested Sponsor
      4. The Inexperienced Sponsor
      5. The Sponsor Who Wants to Be the Project Manager
      6. The Sponsor Who Gets Involved Too Late
      7. The Untrained Sponsor
      8. The Sponsor Who Is Part of a Committee of Sponsors
      9. The Saboteur or Just Plain Bad Sponsor
      10. When All Else Fails
      11. The Now and Wow Factor
    4. Chapter 4 Managing Your Project’s Stakeholders
      1. Stakeholder Identification
      2. Stakeholder Analysis
      3. Stakeholder Engagement
      4. The Influence Map
  12. Part II For the Sponsor
    1. Chapter 5 Sponsoring Your First Project
      1. Stories from the Strategies for Project Sponsorship Survey
      2. The Accidental Project Sponsor
      3. Transitioning from Project Manager to Sponsor
      4. Taking Sponsorship Seriously
    2. Chapter 6 Sponsor Responsibilities and Best Practices
      1. Providing Direction and Guidance Strategies and Initiatives
      2. Working with the Project Manager to Develop the Project Charter
      3. Identifying and Quantifying Business Benefits to Be Achieved
      4. Making Go/No-Go Decisions
      5. Evaluating the Project’s Success Upon Completion
      6. Negotiating Funding for the Project
      7. Actively Participating in Initial Project Planning
      8. Reviewing and Approving Changes to Plans, Priorities, Deliverables, Schedule, and More
      9. Identifying Project Steering Committee Members
      10. Chairing the Project Steering Committee
      11. Assisting the Project When Required
      12. Assisting with the Resolution of Interproject Boundary Issues
      13. Supporting the Project Manager in Conflict Resolution
      14. Making the Project Visible Within the Organization
      15. Encouraging Stakeholder Involvement and Building and Maintaining Ongoing Commitment
      16. Advising the Project Manager About Protocols, Political Issues, and Potential Sensitivities
  13. Part III For the Organization
    1. Chapter 7 Developing the Sponsor
      1. Too Cool for School: Making Sponsorship Training Work
      2. Fifty Secrets to Being a Good Project Sponsor
      3. Developing Your Organization’s Sponsorship Capability
      4. Categorizing Projects and Selecting Sponsors
      5. Can Your Project Management Office Help?
  14. Afterword
  15. Appendix A Sponsorship Survey Results
  16. Appendix B The Definitive Project Sponsor Checklist
  17. Appendix C The Definitive Project Manager Checklist
  18. Appendix D The 50 Secrets to Being a Good Executive Sponsor
  19. Appendix E Additional Resources on Project Sponsorship
  20. Index
  21. Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Strategies for Project Sponsorship
  • Author(s): Vicki James, Ron Rosenhead, Peter Taylor
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781567264074