Chapter 7. Strategy a Step at a Time


“We are much more likely to act our way into a new way of thinking than to think our way into a new way of acting.”

 --(Karl Weick)

“The pencil is mightier than the pen.”

 --(Pirsig, in Lila)

“It is very dangerous to try to leap a chasm in two bounds.”

 --(Chinese proverb)


 --(Cadbury executive, quoted in Peters and Waterman, In Search of Excellence, 1982)
    • Planning: Ready–aim–aim

    • Entrepreneurship: Fire–fire–fire

    • Learning: Ready–fire–aim–fire–aim–....

Introduction to Chapter 7

From cognition to behavior. And from the head to the organization. Now we get a very different view of strategy. It emerges, one step at a time, as all kinds of people solve all kinds of problems and exploit all kinds of ...

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