2.3. Disk Scheduling for SM Display

2.3.1. Simple Technique

We make the following simplifying assumptions:

  1. The system is configured with a fixed amount of memory and a single disk drive. The disk drive has a fixed data transfer rate (RD).

  2. The objects that constitute the SM server belong to a single media type and require a fixed bandwidth for their display (Rc).

  3. RD > Rc.

  4. A multi-user environment requiring simultaneous display of objects to different users.

To support continuous display of an object X, it is partitioned into n equi-sized blocks: X0, X1, …, Xn–1, where n is a function of the block size (B) and the size of X. We assume a block is laid out contiguously on the disk and is the unit of transfer from disk to main memory. The time required ...

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