Appendix C

Using the Website: Table of Contents with Commentary

Part One: Analysis

Financial Tasks

Different types of nonprofit organizations present different types of financial management challenges. Use this chart to locate your type of nonprofit and pinpoint the corresponding financial pressure points.

Messages from the Balance Sheet

Educated readers can derive a great deal of information from a balance sheet. Here, in summary form, is a guide to interpreting the messages your balance sheet is sending you, plus some suggestions for future action.

Financial Analysis Tools

These financial analysis tools provide managers, board members, funders, regulators, and advocates with an invaluable portrait of an organization's fiscal health. All data needed to complete these financial analyses can be taken from a single year's IRS Form 990.

Financial Definitions

This shorthand chart defines each of the tools used in the Financial Analysis Tools file.

Financial Ratio Formulas

This file shows the actual formulas used in the Financial Analysis Tools file in a manner suitable for reprinting alongside the analysis file itself.

Part Two: Accounting

Cost Allocation

If you have ever wondered about the true cost of your nonprofit's services, use this form to learn the answers. For maximum benefit, keep the line items to a minimum and restructure the relationship between the “departments” as necessary.

Audit Equation Self-Test

Many nonprofit organizations do not understand ...

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