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Stress-free living

Book Description

The internet, email and mobile technology have given birth to an 'instant gratification' society. It's almost impossible not to find yourself drawn into it. In Stress-free living we help you find and maintain a balanced perspective, so that you can deal with whatever life throws at you. Whether you're permanently stressed-out or just in need of a bit of a push towards a calmer place, this book can help you regain control. It's what you want: helpful information that's jargon-free, gets straight to the point, is easy to navigate and most importantly is actually pertinent to you.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
  5. One. Back to basics
    1. You’re the boss of you
    2. Quiz: Who is in control of your life?
    3. Find an hour a day to play
    4. The golden rule of relaxation
  6. Two. Instant relief – a stress-free now
    1. The de-stress kit: Don’t leave home without it …
    2. Instant ideas to slow you down fast
    3. Calm body – work with nature not against it
    4. Gently does it
    5. Calm mind – instant clarity
    6. Never lose your keys again
    7. A 10-minute yoga routine
    8. Every breath you take … Is another opportunity to create calm
    9. Quiz: Do you take the time to recreate?
    10. Restoration day
    11. Tame your to-do list
    12. Calming rituals
    13. Spirituality in seconds
    14. Wish yourself calm
    15. Oprah Winfrey’s steps to calm
  7. Three. Regaining balance
    1. 10 minutes to a work–life balance
    2. Rid yourself of the disease to please
    3. Leave the office on time
    4. Have a holiday at your desk
    5. Get the bigger picture
    6. Quiz: Are you there for those who care?
    7. Work on your life
    8. Avoid the perfection trap
    9. Jennifer Aniston’s steps to calm
    10. Hug your home
    11. Get on top of housework forever
    12. Zap those piles
    13. Q and A: Maintaining calm in your home
    14. Staying calm around difficult people
    15. What’s your plan B?
    16. The CREATE model of creating your life
  8. Four. Cherish yourself
    1. Retreat and restore
    2. Get rid of what’s not working
    3. Working with the Pareto Principle?
    4. Quiz: Is it time to take stress seriously?
    5. Build your team
    6. Brainstorm to a better way
    7. Sigourney Weaver’s steps to calm
    8. Money is your friend
    9. A zone of your own
    10. Q and A Reducing stress
    11. Perfect your future
    12. Switch off, tune out
    13. Music to your ears
    14. Creating perfect moments