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Stress-Proof Your Business and Your Life

Book Description

Running a business can be incredibly stressful. In fact, many people regard stress as one of the biggest problems facing business owners. Stress-proof your business and your life has been designed specifically to help entrepreneurs, business owners and managers stress-proof their personal, financial and business concerns. It is intensely practical and down to earth, exactly the sort of advice that a really good professional would give to clients and friends.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Part 1: Stress proofing the business stuff
    1. 1. Systems are the solution to a better business and an easier life
    2. 2. Achieve more with less effort
    3. 3. Taming your to-do list
    4. 4. Preventing your team delegating work up to you
    5. 5. The three essential frames of reference for understanding and improving your results and profits
    6. 6. Everything you need on a single page
    7. 7. The two types of money
    8. 8. Getting paid more quickly
    9. 9. Making more profitable sales
    10. 10. Using prices to make your life better
    11. 11. Your magic price 1
    12. 12. Your magic price 2: why a bottle of wine is the answer
    13. 13. Making your business less taxing 1
    14. 14. Making your business less taxing 2
  7. Part 2: Stress proofing the money stuff
    1. 15. Get personal with your balance sheet
    2. 16. The five steps to wealth
    3. 17. Your wealth starter for ten
    4. 18. Dramatically reduce your mortgage and its cost
    5. 19. Six ways to spend less without even noticing it
    6. 20. The easiest way to get an extra £1 million
    7. 21. Make illness easier for your loved ones
    8. 22. Making old age and death easier for your loved ones
    9. 23. Get the very best from your accountant
  8. Part 3: Stress proofing the personal stuff
    1. 24. Achieve life–work balance in ten minutes
    2. 25. The positive side of stress
    3. 26. Avoid the perfection trap
    4. 27. Find an hour a day to play
    5. 28. Dealing with the week from hell
    6. 29. Relaxation – what we can learn from the cavemen
    7. 30. Make ‘just say no’ your new mantra
    8. 31. Are you too stressed to be happy?
    9. 32. Deal with the energy black holes
    10. 33. Take control
    11. 34. Never procrastinate again
    12. 35. Be like Tigger – learn to bounce
    13. 36. Make space by de-cluttering
    14. 37. Speed parenting is better than stressed parenting
    15. 38. Get a kick out of life
    16. 39. Time to retreat
    17. 40. Too stressed to sleep?
    18. 41. Have a holiday at your desk
    19. 42. A five week plan to make life easy for yourself
    20. 43. Why it’s a good idea to get out of your head
    21. 44. Stop acting on impulse
  9. Part 4: Making it all happen
    1. 45. Your action plan to prevent, reduce and deal with stress
  10. Index