Using Struts HTML Tags to Render Basic HTML Elements

This section provides information about the following tags:

  • <html:html>— Render an HTML <html> element

  • <html:base>— Render an HTML <base> element

  • <html:link>— Render an HTML Anchor tag <a> element

  • <html:rewrite>— Render only the URI portion of a <html:link> tag

  • <html:img>— Render an HTML <img> element

If you point your browser to the URL


you’ll bring up the main page linking to all the sample code for the Struts tag chapters. This section uses the HTML Basics page at /StrutsTaglibs/ The rendered page is shown in Figure 12.2.

Figure 12.2. The HTML Basics page at /StrutsTaglibs/

As you can see from the figure, this page ...

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