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STTS: Effective Networking

Book Description

The measure of your success will most probably not depend on what you know, but who you know! It has never been more important to develop great relationships and ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. When you become an effective networker, opportunities will continually knock at your door. But simply connecting is not enough, and opportunities rarely happen by luck or accident. Skilful networkers plan their networking for a greater return on investment. Confident networkers polish their small talk and conversation to become a charming, popular guest at any event. In her clear, straightforward style, Sharon Connolly helps you discover the great benefits to be gained from networking and shares practical, effective techniques that will help you become a skilful networker and reap huge rewards.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Preface
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Assess Yourself
  9. 1. The Networking Launch Pad
    1. Why network?
    2. Setting your goals
    3. Who do you want to meet?
    4. Targeting your niche
    5. Finding the hip and happening events
    6. Star Tips when planning your networking
  10. 2. Pre-Event Preparation
    1. Choosing your first networking events
    2. Enlist a wingman
    3. Check the venue location
    4. Decide on an impactful outfit
    5. Prepare your elevator pitches
    6. Nailing the petrifying one-minute pitch
    7. Have an outstanding business card
    8. Star Tips when preparing for your networking event
  11. 3. Prospecting for Gold
    1. Locate the hotspots
    2. Use your elevator pitch
    3. Aim and fire
    4. How’s your handshake and posture?
    5. Visualisation
    6. Star Tips when prospecting for gold
  12. 4. Building Rapport with Anyone and Everyone
    1. Schmooze with small talk
    2. Activate your listening skills
    3. The importance of body language
    4. Becoming an expert connector
    5. Exiting the conversation
    6. Trawling for your big fish
    7. Star Tips for building rapport with anyone and everyone
  13. 5. Making Yourself Memorable
    1. Presence
    2. Looking the part
    3. Quality
    4. Colour
    5. Style personality
    6. Posture and body language
    7. Voice
    8. Modern manners
    9. Star Tips for making yourself memorable
  14. 6. Organising Fabulous Networking Events
    1. Networking to get new clients
    2. Networking to reinforce existing relationships
    3. Networking to win business
    4. Administration for your event
    5. Sending reminders to guests
    6. Hiring a speaker
    7. Different types of events
    8. Fee or no fee?
    9. Your return on investment
    10. Star Tips on organising fabulous networking events
  15. 7. Hosting a Fabulous Networking Event
    1. Your role as the host
    2. The registration process
    3. Maximise your technology
    4. Helping the flow of traffic
    5. Host responsibilities
    6. Remembering names
    7. After the introductions
    8. Appointing ambassadors
    9. Managing your guest speaker
    10. Getting feedback
    11. Following up
    12. Star Tips on hosting a fabulous event
  16. 8. The Naked Networker: Networking Online with Facebook
    1. Fascinating Facebook facts
    2. Your Facebook dilemmas
    3. Facebook fundamentals
    4. Using Facebook to network
    5. Your personal profile
    6. Things not to do on Facebook
    7. Your Professional Facebook page
    8. Facebook groups
    9. Facebook Events
    10. Star Tips on using Facebook to network
  17. 9. Social Media Beyond Facebook
    1. Pinterest
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Enhance your networking with LinkedIn
    4. Twitter
    5. YouTube
    6. The importance of social media
    7. Star Tips for social media beyond Facebook
  18. 10. Networking Success Stories
    1. Success story #1
    2. Success story #2
    3. How does your garden grow?
    4. The importance of referrals
    5. Star Tips for being a star in your own networking success stories
  19. Index
  20. About the Author