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STTS: Powerful People Skills

Book Description

Do you know people who seem to get along well with just about anyone? People who always have something interesting to say? They close the best deals, land the biggest clients and quickly work their way up the professional ladder. Are these people just born natural communicators with magnetic personalities? Do they have something you don't, or know the secret to being popular and successful? Absolutely not. These people have simply mastered the process of interacting effectively with others—knowing exactly how to click with people from the first time they meet to understanding the importance of building rapport and maintaining these relationships in the long term. You can be one of them too.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Preface
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Assess Yourself
  9. 1. People Skills in Perspective
    1. What are people skills?
    2. Lessons from successful people
    3. The chain of influence
    4. Relationships and opportunities
    5. Interpersonal needs
    6. Interpersonal skills for an intercultural world
    7. People skills in practice
    8. Star Tips for understanding people skills
  10. 2. Preparing for new Relationships
    1. Becoming self-aware
    2. What categorising others says about you
    3. Facing your stereotypes
    4. It’s all about attitude
    5. Building your confidence and self-esteem
    6. Fighting your nerves
    7. Getting your image in order
    8. Getting out there
    9. Star Tips for preparing yourself for new relationships
  11. 3. How to Click from the Moment you Meet
    1. Showing your authentic self
    2. Self-disclosure — how much is too much?
    3. I like you because you’re like me
    4. Taking a sincere interest in others
    5. Using empathy effectively
    6. Star Tips for building rapport and connecting with people
  12. 4. Listening to Understand
    1. Listening gone wrong
    2. Listening to what isn’t being said
    3. Communicating that you’re listening
    4. From listening to collaborating
    5. Listening on the phone
    6. Becoming an active listener
    7. Star Tips for effective, active listening
  13. 5. The Benefits of Body Language
    1. Understanding body language
    2. Reading body signals and sending your own
    3. Body language and human behaviour
    4. Making body language work for you
    5. Maintaining personal space
    6. Star Tips for using your body to communicate
  14. 6. Mastering your Voice and Tone
    1. What your tone of voice says about you
    2. Vocal attributes that can hurt or help
    3. Vocal attributes in action
    4. Harmonising with others
    5. How your intonation can change your meaning
    6. Using tone to express emotion
    7. Star Tips for using your voice to interact with others effectively
  15. 7. How to Make Great Conversation
    1. Your language and what it says about you
    2. Positive language gets positive results
    3. The art of small talk
    4. Finding topics to talk about
    5. Asking the right questions
    6. Making people feel comfortable
    7. Enough is enough
    8. Star Tips for making great conversation
  16. 8. Dodging Difficult Situations
    1. I’m sure we’ve met before
    2. Forgetting someone’s name
    3. The good and bad of gossip
    4. Pulling your foot out of your mouth
    5. Cooling heated discussions
    6. Speaking in a (not so) foreign tongue
    7. Star Tips for avoiding and overcoming difficult situations
  17. 9. Maintaining Strong Relationships
    1. Building trust from the ground up
    2. Giving your best through open communication
    3. Keeping the communication lines connected
    4. Showing respect in your relationships
    5. Keeping things in balance
    6. Handling relationship challenges
    7. Calling it quits
    8. Star Tips for maintaining strong relationships
  18. 10. Relationships in the Electronic Age
    1. Online communication and relationship building
    2. Finding new friends online
    3. The status update and what it says about you
    4. The speed of social status change
    5. Managing online relationships
    6. Maintaining online privacy and safety
    7. Moving online relationships offline
    8. Star Tips for building meaningful relationships online
  19. Index
  20. About the Authors