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STTS: Present for Success

Book Description

Presenting and public speaking is a worry for many working executives and professionals. Alison Lester helps the reader to abate these fears by helping them to understand why they react they way they do and how to overcome it. Alison also gives the reader the fundamentals of presenting effectively, from preparation to how to present and conduct oneself, to the presentation techniques and tools available to make one's presentation unique and engaging. Written in an engaging and comprehensive manner and peppered with tips and personal exercises, Present for Success will equip you with just what you need to become the best presenter you can be.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
  5. Assess Yourself
  6. 1. Nerves
    1. Managing stage fright so it doesn’t manage you
    2. The physiology of fear
    3. The power of adrenalin
    4. Changing fear to fun, mentally and physically
    5. Star Tips for managing presentation nerves
  7. 2. Developing Your Content, Developing Your Structure
    1. The first step
    2. Getting your ideas to flow
    3. Plugging into the World Wide Web
    4. Who’s listening?
    5. Putting it all together
    6. The many ways to give life to your structure
    7. The keys to being memorable
    8. Star Tips for developing and organising your content
  8. 3. Tools for Delivery — Your Words
    1. Managing audience attention
    2. Keep it simple, with impact
    3. Jargon as a foreign language
    4. What you don’t say can be just as important
    5. A picture paints a thousand words
    6. How else do we remember?
    7. Star Tips for using the words that will work best for you
  9. 4. Tools for Delivery — Your Voice
    1. Your presentation toolbox
    2. Imitate your way to success
    3. Expanding your comfort zone
    4. But my material is so dry!
    5. Speed
    6. Star Tips for making the most of your voice
  10. 5. Tools for Delivery — Your Face
    1. Face facts
    2. Smile, and the world smiles with you
    3. Closing and opening your face
    4. High brow, low brow
    5. The eyes have it
    6. Eye contact
    7. Mouthing your way to success
    8. Star Tips for adding meaning and impact with your face
  11. 6. Tools for Delivery — Your Body
    1. Do you speak body language?
    2. Putting the body puzzle together
    3. How many words are there in your body language vocabulary?
    4. The complete message
    5. Star Tips for making effective physical choices
  12. 7. Visual Aids That Help Rather Than Hurt
    1. What’s the point?
    2. The slippery nature of slides
    3. Slides to open with, slides to close with
    4. Trends in presentation slides
    5. Slide do’s and don’ts
    6. The good, the bad, and the ugly
    7. Handouts
    8. Remote control
    9. Laser pointers
    10. Flipcharts and whiteboards
    11. Fun and games
    12. Visual aids for you
    13. Star Tips for making sure your visual aids work for you
  13. 8. Technical Presentation Challenges
    1. How technical presentations are different… and the same
    2. Charts and graphs
    3. Slides vs. take-home documents
    4. Star Tips for enhancing the clarity of your technical presentations
  14. 9. Managing the Environment
    1. Arranging the furniture
    2. Arranging your mind
    3. Time killers
    4. Musical accompaniment
    5. Let the walls speak for you
    6. Meet and greet
    7. Some like it hot… and others don’t
    8. Bang, bang! You’re dead
    9. It’s never too late to make changes
    10. Time management
    11. Star Tips for creating the right speaking environment
  15. 10. Troubleshooting
    1. It depends on how you see it
    2. What to do if…
    3. Handling difficult questions
    4. Managing your thoughts
    5. Avoid ending on a sour note
    6. Star Tips for managing unexpected or unwelcome events
  16. Index
  17. About the Author