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STTS: Professional Image-Your Road Map to Success

Book Description

Experience and paper credentials are often not enough in today's highly competitive workforce. One's image is an often-overlooked aspect in the workforce, but when considered, many limit one's image to that of mere appearance. However, one's professional image is about much more than just looking the part, but also behaving and sounding it. In this book, you will understand how your dressing can impact your superiors and subordinates perception of you, and how your behavior and personality can affect the impression that you want project. Learn to communicate in a fashion that reinforces - and not undermines - your authority or capability. Pick up tips on how to put your best foot forward and promote yourself in a manner that will get you remembered and going places. Let Pang Li Kin, a Certified Image Professional (CIP), show you how to evaluate your current image, how to decide on the characteristics to project and how to be consistent. She is the vice-president/president elect on the 2009-11 AICI South Asia-Singapore Chapter Board and is an appointed Success Coach with AICI globally. She runs her own company, Potenxia Unlimited, and has over 20 years of experience behind her.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Preface
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Assess Yourself
  9. 1. Image Builds Success
    1. The impact of your image on success
    2. What is image?
    3. Your image is stored in a box
    4. What is professional image?
    5. Making a lasting impression
    6. Stay in the positive room with a consistent message
    7. Star Tips for creating a successful image
  10. 2. Your Image Roadmap: Present, Past and Future
    1. Your personal image roadmap
    2. The present: where are you now?
    3. The past: what have you achieved?
    4. What are your strengths?
    5. The future: where are you going?
    6. Crafting your personal vision
    7. Setting your goals and future milestones
    8. The vehicle to take you there
    9. Let’s start the engine!
    10. Star Tips for creating your personal roadmap
  11. 3. Assess Your Professional Image: Vsp Index
    1. The VSP index: Your visual, sound and personality impact
    2. The VSP index in practice
    3. The VSP index and you
    4. How to achieve a higher VSP index
    5. Make the VSP index work for your professional image
    6. Star Tips for assessing your professional image
  12. 4. Visual Impact: How to Dress for Success
    1. Power dressing vs powerless dressing
    2. Three elements of professional style
    3. Dress for your future career
    4. Putting your professional style together
    5. Match your professional style to your situation
    6. Creating a professional wardrobe without spending a fortune
    7. Five steps to a wardrobe makeover
    8. Star Tips for creating a professional style
  13. 5. Colour Directions for Different Professions
    1. The significance of colour
    2. The impact of colour
    3. The messages of colour
    4. Colours for your professional image
    5. Determining your personal colouring
    6. Star Tips for making colours work for you
  14. 6. The Sounds of Success
    1. Sounding professional
    2. The quality of your voice
    3. Enhancing the technical quality
    4. Enhancing the dramatic quality
    5. The 3 C’s of sounding professional
    6. Speak powerfully
    7. Star Tips for sounding successful
  15. 7. Your Personality and Success
    1. What is your personality like?
    2. Matching your personality to your brand values
    3. Seven ways to behave professionally at work
    4. Seven ways to build relationships at work
    5. Seven ways to show professionalism in business dealings
    6. Star Tips for behaving professionally
  16. 8. Positioning your Brand for Success
    1. Dare to be different
    2. The 4 W’s in your brand positioning statement
    3. Positioning your resumé for success
    4. Positioning your elevator statement for success
    5. Positioning your bio for success
    6. Positioning your brand for a promotion
    7. Star Tips for positioning your brand for success
  17. 9. The Art of Self-Promotion
    1. Channels for self-promotion
    2. Creating a strong professional presence
    3. It’s not about you
    4. Star Tips for promoting your personal brand
  18. 10. Facing Roadblocks to Success
    1. 10 roadblocks to overcome
    2. Removing roadblock #1: It costs too much
    3. Removing roadblock #2: I don’t have time
    4. Removing roadblock #3: It’s not possible
    5. Removing roadblock #4: I’ve failed too many times
    6. Removing roadblock #5: I get very nervous
    7. Removing roadblock #6: I have a language barrier
    8. Removing roadblock #7: It’s still working for me
    9. Removing roadblock #8: I’m too tired
    10. Removing roadblock #9: No one supports me
    11. Removing roadblock #10: People keep criticising me
    12. Take the fast lane
    13. Star Tips for removing roadblocks to success
  19. Index
  20. About the Author