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STTS: Working in a Virtual World

Book Description

Globalisation is quickly making the world smaller, but the work challenges larger. Colleagues and clients are diverse and work from different locations. So how do we stay connected, efficient and productive? What do we do to overcome technological, cultural and time challenges? With practical skills and effective techniques, Working in a Virtual World will help you to improve your business relationships, whether people are located on the next floor, in the next building or an entirely different country. This book gives you insights and hands-on techniques to make working in the virtual world work for you, including: communicating with clarity, using technology productively, overcoming time challenges, connecting with others, dealing with issues, being inclusive of diversity, working with cultural difference and leading effectively.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Preface
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. Assess Yourself
  9. 1. The Who, Why and When of Virtual Work
    1. Who exactly are virtual workers?
    2. Why do we work virtually today?
    3. When will you be ready for virtual work?
    4. Unpacking your readiness level
    5. Strong foundations
    6. Positive relationships
    7. Effective operations
    8. Big-picture planning
    9. Star Tips for effective virtual work
  10. 2. High-Performance Virtual Teams
    1. Virtual team basics
    2. Bigger-picture considerations
    3. Behind team success is individual success
    4. Different types of virtual teams
    5. Which team are you on?
    6. Star Tips for high-performance virtual teams
  11. 3. Communication
    1. Communication and the 3Cs
    2. How do codes work?
    3. Making virtual communication work
    4. Physical and virtual environments
    5. Star Tips for effective virtual communication
  12. 4. Technology — and How to Use It!
    1. Effective telephone conversations
      1. Expression
      2. X-ray your spine
      3. Posture
      4. Respiration
      5. Eye contact
      6. Stand
      7. Steps
      8. lIps
      9. Open body
      10. haNds
    2. Video conferencing
    3. Lights, camera, action!
    4. Star Tips for using technology to communicate
  13. 5. Virtual Work and Time
    1. Time expectations
    2. Synchronous versus asynchronous time
    3. Time-value differences
    4. Time-vocabulary confusion
    5. Efficiency and responsiveness
    6. Responsiveness at the office
    7. Star Tips for working with time
  14. 6. Managing Conflict
    1. Conflict
    2. Fight or flight response
    3. Conflict in written form
    4. Phone and VC conversations
    5. Listening
    6. Raising awareness
    7. Star Tips for dealing with conflict
  15. 7. Diversity in Virtual Teams
    1. Generational differences
    2. Gender differences
    3. Unconscious bias
    4. Star Tips for working with diverse virtual colleagues
  16. 8. Cultural Diversity
    1. Culture: nationality, religious and ethnic differences
    2. Accent and language
    3. Communication styles
    4. Accountability
    5. Autonomy
    6. Star Tips for working with cultural difference
  17. 9. Leading a Virtual Team
    1. Trust
    2. Management style
    3. Cultural challenges
    4. Communication
    5. Star Tips for leading a virtual team
  18. 10 Working for Yourself, from Home
    1. The problems with working from home
    2. Break things down
    3. Switch off technology
    4. Change into work clothes
    5. Create a workspace
    6. Virtual technology and the home-office
    7. Overcoming the isolation
    8. Star Tips for managing your entrepreneurial home-office
  19. Web References
  20. Index
  21. About the Author