Appendix A. Rick Sammon's Basic Lighting and Portraiture DVD

What you'll see and how to see it!

What a deal! The DVD enclosed with Studio and Location Lighting Secrets for Digital Photographers includes 11 QuickTime movies that reinforce (and add to) the tips and tricks you've learned throughout this book.

I had a ton of fun producing these info-packed, live-action video lessons listed below.

As far a viewing them, that's easy! Simply pop the DVD into your DVD drive on your computer (not into your home DVD players). Click on a movie and away you go. Use the arrows and buttons on the bottom of the QuickTime window to play, stop, fast-forward and rewind the movies.

Enjoy! If you like what you see, check out these DVDs and my other DVDs on

Getting Started

  1. Basic Lighting Equipment Overview 9:50

  2. Rick's 21 Tips for Great People Pictures 10:45

    Accessory Flash

  3. Using and Controlling Accessory Flash 7:08

    Hot Lights

  4. Using and Controlling a Hot Light Kit 11:58

    Natural Light/Low Light Photography

  5. Indoor Natural Light Photography 2:54

  6. Controlling Indoor Natural Light 6:48

  7. Creative Low Light Photography 2:53

  8. Outdoor Reflectors/Diffusers 2:18

    Strobe Lights

  9. Using and Controlling a Strobe Light Kit 7:55

    Professional Studio and Make-up Overview

  10. Basic Pro Studio Lighting Setup 10:21

  11. Using Makeup 9:32

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