Chapter 5. Hooked on a Feeling

Hooked on a Feeling

When I was in college in 1968, Hooked on a Feeling by BJ Thomas was a #1 song. Back then, I liked the idea of being hooked on a feeling—still do. In photography, as in many aspects of life, feelings are important. In this chapter, we take a look at how feelings play into a picture.

Create a "Look"

Create a "Look"

The same model is pictured in these photographs. The difference is her "look"—that is, the impression she gives off.

Clockwise (from top left), her looks are as follows:

  • I have an attitude; I'm cool.

  • I am innocent; it's just me.

  • I am tough. Don't mess with me.

  • I'm young. What you see is what you get.

This series is a result of the photographer giving direction and the model responding.

When photographing a person, keep this expression in mind: The camera looks both ways; in picturing the subject, we also picture a part of ourselves. In other words, be aware that the mood, energy, feeling and emotion that you project will be reflected in the face of your subject.

Create a "Look"

Make Eye Contact ... or Not

Check out the eyes in these three photographs. In each photograph, the eyes "say" something different.

In the vertical shot, the model is looking off camera, resulting in a distant feeling ...

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