Chapter 10. With a Little Help from Friends

With a Little Help from Friends

"With a Little Help From My Friends" and "That's What Friends Are For" are two of my favorite "friends" songs. For sure, we all need friends—and Vered and I are lucky to have such good ones.

In this chapter, some of our photographer friends share a favorite image and photography tip.

The photographs on this page were taken by Judy Host (left photograph) and Eddie Tapp (right photograph). Their tips are only a few pages away.

With a Little Help from Friends

Keep It Simple

My advice is to start your photography work with a simple lighting setup—and to keep it simple. Here, I used one light positioned in front of and above the subject, and I placed a gold reflector on a table at waist level to bounce some of the light into the shadows created by the main light. That's it!

The background is a gray paper sweep. To maintain the color tone of the gray, the model is positioned away from the backdrop.

I used Apple's Lightroom and Adobe's Photoshop CS4 to post process the photograph. And I used a program called Portrait Professional ( to retouch the image.

The result is professional ... and simple.

David Stern, Photographer

Keep It Simple

Work with Twilight

Beautiful ...

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