Vered's Acknowledgements

It's not easy being an artist. Although it may be satisfying on a personal level, getting "out side" approval means a lot—and not just from a financial standpoint. If no one applauds at the end of the show, the actor is likely to be devastated ... no matter how good he thought his performance was. So when Rick asked me to do this book with him, I was more than just happy.

I have known Rick for a few years now, and we collaborated on a couple of his DVD projects, so I knew working with him was going to be fun. But as Rick says: "Having fun is hard work!" Turns out, this is true. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for bringing me on board for this wonderful adventure!

Rick has been working with Wiley publishing for a long time, and when he suggested me as co-author on this book, they simply trusted that he found the right person for the job and welcomed me graciously!

A big thank you goes to Canon for making amazing picture-taking machines that allow me to make beautiful images effortlessly, so I can concentrate on the creative side of the project rather then be a "heavy machinery operator."

Speaking of Canon, I have been very fortunate in meeting a few wonderful people who, throughout time, have offered their support, technical guidance and trust in my abilities: Mr. Hitoshi Doi, David Sparer, David Carlson, Corinne Cortez, Steve Inglima, Chuck Westfall, Rudy Winston and the guys entrusted with the expensive toys, including Joe Dolora, Steve ...

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