Note: Page numbers followed by n are located in the Endnotes.


Abbott, Henry, 125, 180n, 205n

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 84, 131, 206n

Abdur-Rahim, Shareef, 94-95

ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), 49

Adelman, Rick, 123

adjusted field goal percentage (NBA), 16

adjusted plus-minus statistic, 183-184n

Adjusted Production per 48 minutes played (AdjP48), 203n

AFL (American Football League), 50

African-American quarterbacks

history of, 50-55

pay discrepancy between black and white quarterbacks, 63-66

performance of, 55-63

age and performance, 126-129, 205n

Aguirre, Mark, 88-89

Aikman, Troy, 66, 168-170

Albeck, Stan, 124

All-Rookie Team (NBA), voting factors for, 27

Allen, Ray, 84

Allmen, Peter Von, 189n

Almond, Morris, 24

American Football League ...

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