Part II

Triumphing in an Extrovert’s Work World

pt_tip_bw.eps Five Ways to Be Effective in Meetings

check.png Keep in mind that as an introvert, you’re a better listener than talker. Be confident in your ideas even if you’re not willing to blurt them out haphazardly. It’s perfectly okay to think through what you want to say.

check.png Ask whether you can get an agenda ahead of time (or at least get a heads-up about what the meeting will cover). Then think quietly about the meeting topics and write down your ideas. Doing so will give you a good head start. And because you’re probably a deeper thinker than many of the outies in your office, you may come up with interesting angles that they won’t consider.

check.png When it’s time to discuss a new topic in a meeting, go first. This instinct doesn’t come naturally to innies, but you’ll likely find that it’s easier to start a discussion than it is to jump into the middle of one.

check.png Memorize a few key phrases that you can use if you experience an innie brain freeze. ...

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