Chapter 4

Playing to Your Strengths: How to Shine in the Workplace

In This Chapter

arrow Navigating the hazards of the extroverted workplace

arrow Making your office space suit your personality

arrow Asserting yourself confidently at work

arrow Finding the career that works best for you, innie or not

In my job, I meet thousands of introverts with successful careers, from Wall Street wizards, to FBI agents, to Broadway actors. What do these innies have in common? They’re all talented, enthusiastic people who love their jobs. And they’ve all become fabulously successful by learning to thrive in an outie work world.

That world, as you probably know, isn’t always easy for innies to navigate. In this chapter, I talk a little about the extra challenges you face when you’re working in an extroverted workplace.

But never fear, because you can make your outie office innie-friendly! In this chapter, I share the tricks that my introverted clients use to succeed in the workplace. First, I look at ways to dampen your stress and keep your innie batteries charged in a noisy office. After that, I tell you how ...

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