Chapter 5

Making Your Mark as a Quiet Leader

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying your leadership skills

arrow Spotting the traps that can trip you up

arrow Taking your talents as a leader to the next level

arrow Coping with daily pressures

Atypical stereotype in the business world is that the most effective leaders are forceful, fast-talking extroverts. But try telling that to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Charles Schwab — all confirmed introverts!

In reality, introverts often make the very best leaders, especially when they play to their strengths. In this chapter, I talk about introverts’ powerful leadership skills and how you can use them to take charge of a team, a department, or a company.

But to be honest, some parts of a leader’s role can be pretty tricky for an introvert, so I also take a look at the challenges you may face as a quiet leader. After that, I offer leadership tips that can help you make the most of your skills and overcome any obstacles you encounter. And finally, I provide survival tips that can enable you to stave off stress and project a confident image when you’re in a ...

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